Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We survived yesterday.  It was a long one.  Rachel, Annalyn, and Julia took all of their finals.  The rest of us did school in the van.  At one point I got out and went around the van so that I could get in the back seat to work with the kids. We had McDonald's for lunch.  The kids got to run around for a little bit while I returned some books to the resource center.   My three high schoolers looked through the electives and Julia chose Culinary Essentials and Annalyn chose theater acting. Rachel is still undecided but will most likely take keyboarding. 

William could not get his mind off of a strawberry shake and kept bringing it up until I let him walk over to In and Out and buy one.  Galina went with him.  Later, Rachel offered to buy me a soda from there.  I think she finally made restitution for the soda she took that I was looking forward to one day.

I took Nolan to a dentistry team appointment today.  I was bit annoyed that the intake gal asked for additional medical info just to have his teeth fixed.  Granted, he is having general anesthesia but the doctor that fixed his cleft palate didn't  require additional renal and blood testing.  He is having tubes put in his ears later this month and the ENT didn't ask for additional testing either.  I'm sure she is just being extra cautious but it just feels like it is one thing after the other.

Oliver is changing so much these days.  He is like a sponge.  Just today I caught him sticking toys under my dresser in the bedroom.  Then he pulled out an old sock.  As I talked on the phone with my Mom I watched him roll a ball into the bathroom and chase it.  Then as he crawled back over to me he decided it would be nice to just lay down and go to sleep.  After a few minutes he sat up, realized that I was not right next to him and began to cry for me to get him.  Funny how he may not speak yet but he has distinct sounds and cries that help us to understand him.  Sometimes he likes to be the funny man, other times he likes to let us know that he does not like something, and then there are times that he is hungry or wants to be entertained. 

What is truly the most awesome thing is that all of his brothers and sisters still think he is the most perfect baby in the whole world.


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  2. Sounds like a busy day! We've had a few of those trying to get everyone through apps, IEP meetings etc.

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