Friday, January 4, 2013

That's A Lot to Shovel!

I was having an amazing dream.  I remember a dirt bike with a wannabe stunt man and 3 orphan spies.  Then I woke up.

Julia went to the ENT where they ended up removing a very large ball of wax and q-tip fibers from her right ear.  This had been bothering her for years causing swimmer's ear half a dozen times a year and finally it is gone.  She was apprehensive at first but they were very gentle with her.  They said that under no circumstances is she to clean the inside of her ear canal with a q-tip  to dry it.  Instead she should use a blow dryer.   They also gave us a recipe for a homemade drop that she should use after she swims.   It consists of white vinegar, alcohol, and glycerin mixed together. 

This same ENT which I like very much is putting tubes in Nolan and Oliver's ears on January 17th.  This will be my first back to back surgery for the kids.   Simple as the procedure is, I am a little nervous doing it on my own. The plan is to take one of the girls with me to help.  Thankfully they are  all willing.

On the drive home I stopped by a place that sells bark and compost.  I wanted to order compost and dirt to fill our planter boxes.  Julia and I were shocked when we were asked if we wanted human waste compost.  They explained how it comes to them in a sludge and after it sits out in the sun and is turned and finally mixed with dirt it ends up being this nitrate rich soil.  No thanks.  I stuck with the traditional cow manure blend.  A mere 10 cubic yards is being delivered in the morning on our driveway.  Needless to say, the kids aren't looking forward to tomorrow morning.

I finally finished Oliver and Nolan's puzzle frames after all this time.  Now to order two 8X10s to put in the frames.  It's on my to do list.

Alex is finally showing signs of being ready to take more ownership of his bodily functions.  Pinch me because I think I am dreaming again.  This isn't the first day, but the fourth.  Crazy as it sounds, he started doing this on New Year's Day.  John said that 2013 was going to be Alex's year in this department and I am beginning to think that maybe he is right.  Go Alex!

Caleb had a basketball game today so my in-laws came down to watch it and stay for the weekend.  One of my daughters asked to go with them.  At first I said yes.  Then a little while later I remembered to ask to see her school work-- a request she asked of me to help hold her accountable.  I guess she just didn't mean today, because she was not a happy camper when I found her work incomplete.  I had to change my mind and tell her and Grandma and Grandpa that she couldn't go.

Of course it was right around that time that another daughter, the one who had said some pretty awful things to us and has yet to specifically apologize for those words, asked to go.  I am pretty sure she knew the answer would be no but asked anyway.  Nothing like being put on the spot.

After Grandpa and Grandma left with five of the kids, I allowed the other kids to watch a movie.   I actually sat and watched most of it with them before I began to prepare dinner.

We had baked potatoes with all kinds of toppings and sides-- pork shoulder, cooked broccoli, and green beans sautéed with onions to name a few.

Do you remember our friends who are adopting?  I mentioned them just a few short months ago.  Well they are actually scheduled to be in Ukraine on February 6 for their adoption appointment.  Talk about fast!  I am so excited for them as I have been living vicariously through them since they began this journey.  You can follow along to at Insane for Ukraine.


  1. I have had kids put me on the spot by asking me something in front of others and think I'd feel obligated to say yes. They quickly found out it didn't work. I'd say something like, "There's something you need to deal with first. Do you need me to remind you what it is?" And they would back off not wanting me to say what they'd done. Good job on catching it with both girls who didn't get to go. And there's always a second chance-- or fifth or tenth....

  2. Thanks for the shout out! :)
    Oh, and human waste compost...seriously?!!!

  3. An older friend, father of 10 kids, I think, once said, "If you wanna' learn how to cry, have kids." Of course, they can be challenging, as you freely admit. I also see, though, the great love you have for your kids despite the many challenges. That is SO encouraging.

    Blessings to you in 2013!


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