Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not Much

It has been a pretty good week.  We are all healthy.  Homeschool has went pretty well too.

Dennis no longer qualifies for an IEP.  At his IEP meeting the other day, I was told that he had met all of his goals for Occupational and Speech Therapy-- a bittersweet day.  On one hand, I am very proud of how far my boy has come.  We started out going really strong with the hope that he would test out of services one day.  That day has come.  On the other hand, there is a part of me who thinks this day came too soon at least as far as speech goes.  They argued that given the structure of his mouth, there was nothing in his speech he could improve upon until he has his next surgery when he is 8 or 9.   At that time we will see if he needs additional speech services.  

We have six kids signed up for baseball and softball.  When the weather permits, they practice outside. 

Andrew is finishing up his science project on stain removers with Julia.

Tomorrow Oliver will see an Ophthalmologist.  I sure hope he doesn't need glasses because duct taping them on is the only way he would wear them!

Julia's birthday is this weekend.  Thankfully she is very easy to please-- all she wants is to have a Star Wars marathon at home.  Done.


  1. OH CHristine, praying for you about Oliver....I myself had an eye Dr. issue recently that has remained unresolved for now....I took my 5 yr old in because she said one of her eyes was always was nothing..BUT they detected a very very light estrabism in one eye...very light but they wanted to do a study and she had to put these drops in that hurt a bit, 4 times..... every 20 minutes for an hour and half before study...needless to say we could not do it..she was terrified after 1st drop.... would not open eye...its hard to force someone to open their eye when they have it squeezed we could not do study and had to let it go....
    : (

    We are going to wait a couple of months and see again if we can convince her....

    So I am there with you....

    AWESOME about Dennis! I understand what you mean about it being bitter sweet though! : )


  2. Hi! Dennis is doing great,But if you feel he still needs speech I think in your area there are private speech therapists he could go to.I took my child after school and even on Saturday to a private speech therapist when he was not able to receive it from the school district. I found that in a one on one setting my child's articulate improved quite fast.Good luck,Pat

  3. They tried to discontinue Kaleb's speech but I told them that at home people still can't understand him. During speech he is really concentrating. I told her to observe him when he's just rambling, not concentrating.

  4. Hope Julia has a great bday. Wow, you can say easy to please again. ;)

  5. Miraflex glasses are great for children with Ds. Google them!

  6. Watching Bringing Them Home. I applaud you and your faith. Thank you for bringing so much love into the world. God bless you all always!


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