Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Love With Orange Juice

This past weekend I got to meet another blogging Mom-- Laurel. We went out for lunch.  It was very nice. She gave me tons of insight and encouragement as she shared her parenting wisdom.  Thanks Laurel! 
Nolan is such a character.  He loves to laugh, eat desert, always see what is going on, but he hates bedtime.
Rather than go to bed, he let his sister Anna draw little people on his thumbs.
William is in love with orange juice.  So much so that he squeezed a gallon of fresh orange juice for dinner last night.  As he squeezed, Anastasia and Sveta ate the leftover orange.
Thank you William for a nice treat!
Tonight I asked William to help make dinner.  He made the chicken nuggets, orange juice, and helped with the rice pilaf.  Since he likes everything that was served tonight, he was one happy camper.


  1. Wow! A whole gallon of hand pressed OJ! William is a stud! You can barrow our JUICER and I bet William would LOVE that!!!
    Also love the "happy faces" on Nolan's fingers! His sisters are so fun!

  2. How fun to meet another adoptive mom. I want to get together but we are almost as far apart as we can get. Maybe we should meet in the middle! J, J and I are going to St Louis, and Mt Rushmore this summer if everything goes as planned.

  3. Wow! it is not easy task squeezing a glass of OJ. Way to go William for sticking with it and doing a GALLON. Are your muscles a little sore?

  4. WOW! A gallon of Fresh squeezed orange juice is a LOT of work! :)
    I love to meet up with friends who encourage! :)

  5. Good grief, that is a mountain of oranges! Those biceps got a good work out. :) Though I imagine a gallon of juice doesn't last long around your house.

    Sounds like your idea of having the kids do dinner is working out well. I love that they are all learning to cook.

  6. Fun to recognize another blogger mom on your blog! Small world. :o)

  7. Now I feel like OJ!!!! : )

  8. Hi!I bought a bushel of oranges My children had a blast coming up with ideas of what we could do with the oranges.I think my children liked baking orange cookies the best.We did make orange juice.Pat

  9. Wow! Bet everyone enjoyed the OJ.
    My daughter walked into the room as I was reading this post and wanted to know who the "adorable little boy" (Nolan) was :)

  10. You totally need a juicer... Thats hard work and I feel you dont fully get all the juice out.. :-)



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