Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finally A Few Pictures

A few days ago the kids decorated Gingerbread houses.

Adam, Anna, Jonny, and Oliver were wrestling on the floor.
At our family meeting yesterday I threw out the idea of kids pairing up to make dinner once a month. I got the idea from Kathy over at CasselCrew.  Julia and Anastasia made a Chicken Taco Casserole with rice pilaf and homemade bread.  It was wonderful simply because the casserole was a new recipe.  Plus, I didn't have to cook!
Sadly, John and I had to administer the Heimlich maneuver on Oliver when he choked on a piece of bread.  No more bread for him!

 As I prayed with the little boys at bedtime tonight Dennis told me that he loves me more than God's muscles.
I'm not sure I can top that one.
Sveta was in the kitchen while we were cooking and listening to music.  The song "Jesus in Disguise" came on and Sveta began belting out-- Jesus in the sky!"
Adam had his post-op appointment for his wisdom teeth.  They have healed up nicely and the next step for his TMJ is to have a night splint made.
Jonny is going to see a highly recommended Ophthalmologist tomorrow morning.
Then on Friday another one of the kids has an appointment but that's all I know.  One day at a time.
Caleb has his DMV appointment scheduled later this month  for his driver's test.
Rachel, Annalyn, and Julia take their finals this Monday.
Right before New Year's Eve we celebrated our 19th anniversary. 
That Sunday after church we went out for the afternoon. 
 In true Rachel fashion she had the car ready for us.  Roses, car freshener, candy for the movies, and a pepsi with two straws for the drive.



  1. LOVE Rachel getting the car ready for you. So Sweet!

    When we had 6 teenagers, each one made dinner once a week (and Papa cooked on Sundays). You. Bet. They. Did. Mama helped now and then, but the kids really did most of the cooking for many years. Mama is cooking again this year, with only 4 kids left at home. :)

    :) :) :)

  2. It is a great idea to have family meetings ! Are you doing that often ? Since when ? We don't do that in my family but I think this is a great idea so I would be happy to hear more about how it goes, etc :)

  3. Hi, Just wanted to share a thought about TMJ...I've had it for years, to the point of getting horrible headaches. I use a splint at night and I also go for physical therapy as needed. Manual massage of the jaw muscles by a PT has helped me through some very rough and painful spots. Good luck, Adam!

  4. How sweet of Rachel to do that for you! Happy Anniversary!

  5. LOve the car!! Good job, RAchel!

    Love the dinner idea too...

  6. Hi Christine- I just noticed your mention of Jonny's exotropia. Having been through several eye muscle surgeries, and having a son who had similar issues, I encourage you to find a way to do eye exercises with or for Jonny before considering surgery, if that is what is being proposed. Surgery is a lot better now than it used to be, but it's still surgery. By the time my son's visual deviation appeared I had found really good help for me, from which he benefitted. I had him seen at a university ped. Ophthalmology dept. but one which had a gifted orthoptist. Just like doctors, orthoptists are not all the same! Be careful and cautious in deciding what to do, and who to pick to help. Opticians also have vision training, but that's somewhat different than what orthoptists will give in the way of eye exercises.

    I'll send you an e/mail later in case you want to ask me any questions. I'm sure I still have your e/addy.

    One of the reasons I say careful about going toward surgery is kids that have surgery often will need additional surgery when their eyes change at middle age. The ophthalmology board of dr's had a great website up in the '90's for people to ask questions, gain info. There were a bunch of adults, me included, who were struggling with vision changes, new surgery needs and lots of problems.... I made some terrific friends through the site. But there wasn't much we could do for one another, except be supportive in very difficult cases.

    Having had success with my son's treatment, I wish I had been able to go the non-surgical route. Part of my original problem was an exotropia which I still have, tho I've had 3 eye muscle surgeries.

    Take care, Shauna

  7. Hi!At my house I mainly do all the cooking.Once in a great while my daughter helps out but she is busy with college.She is a chemistry major so she really has cooking down to a science.It is really cool she makes foods with many colors in them.She knows the chemical make up of all the foods she makes.It is cool to hear her talk about what she is making and all the chemical reactions.Life is a blast but with my daughter in the kitchen I will not see a chemical blast in my kitchen.Pat

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    Loved the car idea, should probably try it with my parents this year!
    I just recently found your blog, and I simply adore reading it!
    Greetings from Brazil!


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