Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dinnertime Craziness

Here is another video with a few more of the kids. When I replayed it, I thought I sounded awful,  so pay no mind to me.  Right before dinner is usually not quite this loud but you know how it is when you are on the phone or have a video camera in your hand--- the kids all of a sudden get loud and crazy! 


  1. Hi!This is so awesome.It is great that you are sharing your family activities with your readers.Pat

  2. I think sometimes turning on the video camera brings it out in kids. I have one that will just start blabing nonsense if he sees I'm trying to video tape someone and he ends up being sent out of the room. For instance I'll be taping Jasmine sing and he'll just come in, stand in front of the camera and start blabbing that someone didn't flush toilet and there's poop in it or something just to get the attention on him. So considers yours really good :) Paul is so quiet--or is he just shy of the camera?

  3. Ha-Ha I agree with William I don't like borscs either! But instead I like shchi :) You have a really nice family! God bless you all!

    And a fun fact for Rachel: in my country the version of varenyky we eat is called "barátfüle" which means a "friend's ear" in English :)


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