Wednesday, January 9, 2013

About the Younger Boys

All the kids like their new cups that they got for Christmas.  Ever since I first came up with the idea of letting the kids have a whole sleeve of Oreos for dinner one night they have been asking when that night will be.  For now they will have to settle with 3 cookies.

This past Saturday we had compost delivered to our house.
We had so much compost that we shared with the neighbors.  It may not look like a lot but it was about 80 wheel barrels worth. 
Nolan is such a ham.  He is so independent too.  Right after this picture was taken he helped to button up his shirt.
Dennis loves to dress handsome.  He would wear a suit and tie everyday if we let him.  He got this washcloth from a teacher at school and went around the whole kitchen wiping down everything for me.  He said he was helping me clean.  He got Alex and Nolan to do it too and pretty soon my table and chairs was soaking wet.  The boys had kept running to the bathroom to get their washcloth wet.  I finally said enough was enough and made them mop up the floor.  It was pretty wet.
While Alex was sitting on the potty he entertained himself by pulling out his tooth.  I checked another one that was loose and it came out too!  He said that he looks like a wolf now and went around howling till it was dinner time.  Alex has a behavior modification plan at school.  Each time he switches classes or goes out for recess he has the teacher  or aide watching him sign off on his card and circle his behavior rating. One teacher wrote that he was sometimes talkative but still said his behavior was good.  When Alex gave me his card I could  see that this remark had been erased and the word good had been written in the space.  It was obviously Alex's writing but when I asked him about it, he lied to me. :(  Hopefully he will eventually realize that this sort of thing only makes things worse.  We explained to him how much better it would have been for him to show us the card as is and tell us that he was sorry for talking when he shouldn't have been. 
He had to stand in the corner and go to bed early for erasing and changing his card and then lying about it.  He knows that tomorrow is a new day and he has the ability to make it a great one!
Tonight Andrew and William went to meet the pediatrician and get physicals.  William had to get 3 shots, Andrew only one.  The pediatrician gave me a lab slip for Nolan so that the dental office could get all the info they requested at yesterday's visit.  Once this is done, Nolan will have all of his dental work done under sedation.
Oliver's food allergy test came back normal.  Just one more thing we can cross off the list. :)Tomorrow we have an early morning appointment with the orthopedist to see if he needs braces for his ankles.


  1. Did you say he's getting tubes in his ears soon? I'm curious why they're not doing all of this at once? All of my kids usually have several things done in one session ( we call them tune ups! LOL) Last winter Asher had 11 different things done all at one time. Most of them were minor like ear tubes, or cleaning out his tear ducts, but he also had his tonsils and adenoids out as well as some urological work done. SO much simpler and fewer times under sedation or anesthesia.

  2. My husband has the same cup as Alex
    : )If I'd seen the cars one I might have gotten me one too, but I got all the others these same cups when we started doing the breakfast smoothies because the cups hold two cups worth. We have two spider man cups, avengers, green lantern, Disney Princesses, Batman and Brave. Jasmine has spider man. She's not very girly and I don't mind.

  3. Nolan, Alex and Dennis are so cute and look so grown up!
    I was wondering how much of an accent, if any, your Russian children retain??
    Have a great weekend.


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