Friday, January 11, 2013

A Friday Post

The kids spotted this spider outside.   Only one word comes to mind.  Creepy.  I remember how we used to play this dumb game that I think I made up.  We would take turns with a plastic spider and put it in weird places so one of us would find it.  No more.  Now I jump when I see a smashed brownie on the floor without my glasses on.
Andrew is very diligent in getting his work done for school.  He has to do another science project this year which he is not thrilled about, so he has enlisted Julia for help.  His project will be on different stain removers.
Adam thinks Oliver is the coolest baby ever.  Good thing that Oliver thinks pretty highly of Adam too.
When Oliver first came home he made this face by scrunching up his nose and huffing and puffing.  And then he stopped.  Determined to get him to make this adorable face once more, we all began to doing it.  And now Oliver is back to doing too!
Rachel and I were playing around on the floor the other day.  Just for the record, I was the mature one who saved her from having a second wet willy in her ear by her brother.  She owes me.
 Nolan is a wonderful big brother.  He is very patient with Oliver and is happy to share.  Of course, Oliver is happy to eat.  Always.
 Adam lost his IPOD for the afternoon for putting the fish back in the freezer instead of in the refridge.  He made this little mistake because he wasn't listening very well when I asked him for the 3rd time.  So the good Mom that I am (insert sarcasm) let him make a deal to earn it back.  He cut up the brussel sprouts and carrots for  dinner that night.
Galina, Anna, and William are reading Hatchet right now.  One of their assignments was to make a model of he camp.
After tons of moaning and complaining mostly by William they finally did it. 

Annalyn took this gorgeous picture of Oliver.  Be still my heart.
For months Rachel has been bugging me to make cherry vereniki.  So tonight we did.  And let me tell you, they were worth the wait. 
 With each bite, it felt like we were back in Ukraine.

Rachel was in heaven.
Oliver was wondering where his was.
I want me some cherry vereniki too.
Today the kids buried our Bearded Dragon.  She will be missed.


  1. It looks like William has gained a lot of height the past few months.

  2. William does look taller, and you can tell Adam his new shorter haircut looks great!

    I laughed about you jumping at things without your glasses on... that's me for sure.

  3. Creepy spider!!

    Oliver is adorable. :)

  4. Haha plastic spiders were forbidden in my house! ;D
    Oliver really is adorable!

  5. So glad you aren't a mom that tells the kids that their faces will freeze that way...then again Oliver would be too cute forever and get into all kinds of mischief!
    Love your wrestling with your daughters! We are more of the "cuddle in mom's bed" kind of family. I leave wrestling and tickle fights to dad!

  6. Hi! I am sorry to hear about the bearded dragon dying.My children loved going to the pet store and watching the bearded dragons in the cages.Our friend has one and they can get quite big.Pat

  7. Oooh, the cherry vereneki looks sooo good! That was one of my favorite treats when I was in Ukraine, but I never got a recipe. Would you post yours? Wanda H.

  8. Yes, could you post the vereniki recipe please!

    Cheryl in ID

  9. When my oldest was in the hospital, my middle son had a giant black rubber spider that a blog reader brought him and his main source of entertainment was putting it around the hospital to scare the nurses. :)

    Your kids are all growing SO fast! Oliver is just the sweetest little thing and I love that Adam is so into his little brother.


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