Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Scattered Thoughts

I am usually up by 6 am.  Today however, I got to sleep in for half hour because Rachel got up Alex and Dennis.  I woke up the rest of the kids except for Oliver and Nolan who were still sleeping.  Like half of the mornings, I hurried with breakfast and a cup of coffee so that I could take Annalyn to have labwork done.  I made sure the kids had started their school work before leaving.  Home by 8:30.  For the next hour I paid two medical bills, made three ophthalmologist appointments and followed up on a couple of prescriptions.  Finally I got around to grading some of the kids' history with them.  And then it was snack time.  Top Ramen-- some like it cooked some eat it raw.  Not the best snack but one that the kids enjoy nonetheless.  Oliver ate a banana.  About fifteen minutes ago we ran around the neighborhood.  P.E. is done.

I need brown sugar, lunch meat, and maybe milk.  It seems like we are always out of milk.  John says that 9 gallons of milk a week for us is on the low side, but gosh, I am just so tired trying to keep up with the demand.  And I'm not even the one running to the store for it.  Still, nothing like running out of milk to show I am a bad Mom.  At least that is how I feel. A few days ago, I had Adam buy some dry milk.  Sure I am using some of  it to make Christmas gifts, but at least now I know I won't run out of milk.

Thankfully, I had lots of laughs this morning on the drive home from the laboratory.  Annalyn, Rachel, Anastasia, and I rocked out to Move it, Move it.  I drove with my hand on the horn.  :)  It is always fun to find a new way to embarrass the kids.

Nolan is going through an interesting time.  He wants to get up when Alex and Dennis get up in the morning.  Yet I know he needs more sleep by his behavior evidenced halfway through the morning.  So I have insisted that he goes back to bed until at least 7am.  Most times he is not a happy camper about this.  However, I think he is learning that on school days, he gets up when Mom goes in and gets him up.  At least I can hope.  Today was a perfect example of this.  Nolan is also showing signs of mini-tantruming when he doesn't get his way.  No way am I going to let it get carried away like I did with Dennis. It has taken 6 months of really working with Dennis to get him to not throw a fit and I can't allow Nolan to do it.   I give Nolan the chance to lay down on the couch and calm down.  More times than not he chooses to do this throat scream-groan even louder so I have to march him off to bed.  You'd think he hates me by now.  And yet, he wants to be close every morning when I am getting ready for the day-- a sign of slow and steady attachment.

Sorry to cut it so short, but lunch isn't going to be made by itself.  Hope you are all having a great day.


  1. You seem to be very busy right now ! Glad you take a little time for yourself and update us, however :) You talked about a few posts ago, about doing a new digest with questions from your readers, do you still plan to do this ? I would totally understand that you decide not to do this because I suppose life must be very busy with kids, and Christmas coming soon, but I was wondering :)
    It is always a pleausre to read your blog !! .

  2. Time to get a dairy cow!

  3. It's always a pleasure to visit Christine.
    It helps me put everything in perspective.
    I have not been blogging much lately because my list seems a little like yours and then you add anemia to the list, severe anemia. So until I can get a handle on it I am just having to let go of things I thought were important and really enjoy the time for the things that really ARE important. I remember the day I could barely keep milk in the fridge. You have a good solution, there is a company that makes powdered whole milk, it was in the ethnic foods with tortillas and was called Nido. I fount it at wmart to begin. It tasted good for powdered milk and was excellent for recipes so I never had to worry about that situation holding up dinner. Keep a thankful list if you don't already, when I am stressed it helps to just savor a few things each day and keep a lit, changes my perspective. I've written too long a comment. I apologize.

  4. It's funny how much I can relate to, coming from a family of 11. My dad would always buy multiple gallons of milk at a time, and we'd still run out often. "How much milk do we have?" Was always his question when he would call before coming home from work. :)

  5. Christine you are a wonder! And thank you for sharing about your milk consumption. I have truly had that question for your family. I too, struggle with keeping milk in the fridge and there are only four of us! So, it's a never ending frustration I guess.

  6. My rule is, "No one in this family can EVER go into a store that sells milk without buying at least two gallons. Ever."

  7. We still go through 3 gallons of milk a day and don't have near the number of people to feed as you do. You are a great mom. Don't let running out of milk (or bread, or eggs..) tell you anything different. So long as you are full of love each morning when you get up (it may run dry by the end of a long day), then everything will be okay.

  8. Don´t have alot of time, but I just wanted to sayBTDT on the temper tantrums....My 2nd daughter was TT queen and it took 8 LONG MONTHS to even see the light...she would throw a fit for the smallest thing and no amount of redirection or calming or ignoring or time outs helped...only age and talking more seemed to help her...So I feel your pain....on the positive side he is probably throwing them cuz he feels enough TRUST and security that you will continue to love him even if he shows his tough side..KWIM? Hugs....

  9. Well, my kids woke up this morning, looked in the fridge and said, "Uh, we're out of food, Mama." Doesn't make you a bad mom to run out of milk! We use only powdered around here and it works fine, so that's an excellent way to go. I second the Nido . . . it's what we use here. It also comes in big tins which would be perfect for your family and if they don't like the taste that much, you can mix it ahead of time and leave it in the fridge overnight and it tastes better in the morning for cereal, etc.

    So cute about Nolan. I imagine he feels more like part of the family since he has to follow the same rules! You could do a whole post on tantrums, I would love to learn more techniques since mine don't work too well with my kids.


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