Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Scattered Thoughts

Wow oh wow!  Can it be two posts in one day?  Pinch me.  I must be dreaming.  I wasn't planning on it.  I just didn't think I had the time.  And then Dennis did a flip off the couch and bonked Oliver on the head with his foot after I had told him to settle down and I declared it bedtime at 7pm.  When that happens it sure frees up some of my time.  All four little boys are tucked into bed.

Before I continue with wrapping presents, I thought I'd sit and blog for a few minutes.

I never mentioned that two days after Thanksgiving my bestest Aunt Tanya took me out for the day.  We not  only went out to lunch and did lots of Christmas shopping, but we were out so late that we had dinner too!  It was absolutely unexpected and wonderful.  John took the kids tot he skateboard park.  The next evening, John and I went out on a date and finished up most of our shopping.  It was very nice.

Tonight we had Corn Ham Chowder.  John called to say he had a flat tire on the side of the freeway so he missed dinner with the family.  I had the kids and a mugful of soup waiting for him in the van when he pulled up so he could make it to BSF on time.  This after Sveta knocked my new glass pot lid off the dish strainer in a huff because I had her peel a few potatoes that she thought smelled funny.  Gotta laugh at that one.  And like clockwork a few of the kids came into the kitchen barefoot to see what had happened and I had to scream for them to get out while I swept it up.  Sometimes life just throws a couple of curve balls.

I am slowly switching all the kids over to a new pediatrician.  Actually there is two of them.  I like how thorough they are.  When I took Alex in, I discussed with one of them how Straterra for ADHD is not really making a difference.  We were both in agreement to take him off and see how he does with the behavior modification plan that is now in place.  We will give it a month and then follow up with her.  For the most part he is holding his own in mainstream first grade with an appropriate support system.  This has always been my hope for him.  Now if I could only get him to realize that lying is wrong... and erasing comments on his daily behavior chart just because he doesn't like them.

This past weekend Annalyn, Julia, and Galina packed shoe boxes for Samaritan's Purse down in Orange County with some friends of ours.  It was an all day thing.  They enjoyed it so much that they even dreamt taping boxes!


  1. If you figure out the lying thing, let me know. Although many times now mine don't outright lie--they find a way around it or they try to give a sneaky sort of answer. "Did you get in trouble in music today?" "There's no note in my folder." "That wasn't the question--DID YOU GET IN TROUBLE IN MUSIC TODAY?" "Yes."

  2. You've been busy! That's great that you had a couple of breaks, I know I need them with 3 kids, so I imagine you must, too.

    My boys came in when I was pulling up your blog and Doran (6) was fascinated with how many kids you have. I'm afraid you've set the bar pretty high . . . he says he wants as many brothers and sisters as your kids have! He was also very disappointed when I told him that you guys lived in the US, not Guatemala. I think he was ready to head over to play.

  3. Re: Alex, you've probably heard of spd and know that many of the behaviours mimic adhd..but just in case, here's a link to the checklist. OT excercises can easily be done at home to alleviate symptoms and behaviours.


    You're family is an inspiration!


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