Thursday, December 6, 2012

First Day of School!

Oliver is growing up so fast!  He is crawling all over the place and doing so many new things.  Some of those things include getting hurt.  :( Poor little guy got his finger smashed in the bathroom door last night and this morning he fell against a chair while playing with Nolan and smashed his nose causing it to bleed.  The finger thing was so traumatic for my little pumpkin that he was still catching his breath long after he was asleep.  Bless his heart. 
Julia read this in her school book.
Nolan had his first day of preschool. I took him in the morning so I could check it out and then he rode the bus home.  He made himself right at home playing with the blocks while I talked to the teacher.  He didn't even cry when I left.  Nolan loves school!  
And the sweetest thing was that all the home schooled kids were waiting for him when he got off the bus.


  1. Will you be able to share what Adam's big news was - you had mentioned it several days? If not, I understand, but whatever it was I hope that Adam got the news best for him!

  2. OlIver is a dol! I bet Nolan loved riding the bus! Y

    You mentioned the other day about Dennis having some temper tantrums, and I am wondering how you have been handling them. As a mother of a 6 year old I am frustrated he still has temper tantrums, and struggle with the best way to handle them. It's exhausting, and I applaud you for maintaining your sanity with so many young boys. My two are wearing me out! Always enjoy reading how you handle raising your chdren and handle the bumps along the way.

  3. Ollie I can say is Ollie is adorable!!!

  4. Ollie I can say is Ollie is adorable....beyond words adorable!!!

  5. Oliver is just SOOOOOO cute !!!!! I wish I could come and hug and kiss him ! :)


  6. That Oliver! What a cutie-patootie! Glad to hear Nolan's loving school!

    Cheryl in ID

  7. Sorry, but this sounds a lot like a neglet on your part because for a child so small as Oliver, the two accidents could have been avoided, if only you watched him more carefully.

  8. Yeah sure. It is possible to watch children every little second of their lifetime. And don't let them learn to walk or even run, because they could fall against a chair.

    I would like to know that adult, that grew up without any scratches.

    Sorry. Just had to rant a little bit. even when I know it is better just to ignore those comments.

  9. Sheesh, Anonymous! Haven't you ever had an accident yourSELF? And, you were probably watching yourself, too! If nothing else, children learn via accidents....they just make mommies feel so sad.

    I once went to an open house at the local Christian School and when we went into the computer lab one of the screens had been programmed to say THIS SCHOOL SUCKS! over and over again...I was reminded of that by the note in the book..... Struck me quite funny at the time.

  10. You tell 'em Annie! And that school sucks remark makes me think oh all the less than mature things my oldest high school.

    Anon, Last time I checked there was no daily limit on little tikes getting boo-boos.


  11. Dear Anonymous who thinks I was being neglectful. As if I didn't feel bad enough. One thing I learned early on as a parent is that kids are going to get lots of owies big and small growing up. That is a part of life. Thankfully they are all pretty resilient and that kisses go a long way. I was literally only a couple of feet away when it happened which only proves that as a Mom I need a couple sets of eyes and arms if I am truly going to protect them from every little thing.

    Thanks friends-- you know who you are!

  12. Christina, you're a great mother! Kids get hurt, especially toddlers. My little guy (23 mos) gave himself a bloody nose last night while he was drumming on a pan with a wooden spoon. Somehow he managed to hit himself in the face with the spoon. I guess we could wrap our kids in bubble wrap or keep them in a playpen with only soft toys, but how will they learn and grow?


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