Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Sort of Not Boring Day

A friend gave us this Magic School Bus prop so I thought I would entertain the kids by playing bus driver. I went around the living room making bus noises and stopped at different bus stops to pickup kids.  I think I had the most fun out of anyone.
Galina wanted to make Peppermint Bark.  So easy and yet so delicious.
All morning we worked on hot cocoa jars to give as gifts.

Dennis loves to wear ties.  Since I lost his red tie, he made one out of beads.
Alex's two front teeth would not budge for the longest time.  His bottom four came out first.  After x-rays at the dentist it was confirmed that he had adult teeth that would eventually push out the baby teeth, or at least that was the hope.  The other day I noticed that his two front teeth were finally loose.  Today I helped Alex pull out one of them!  He screamed like he didn't want me to do it but when I stopped he cried that he wanted me to pull it out.  Crazy boy!
Today was our first official day of Christmas break where everyone was home.  We slept in till 7:30, had frozen waffles and fried hasbrowns for breakfast, watched Oliver pull himself up and walk along the couch countless times, made some Christmas gifts, had a family meeting, and changed the vacuum cleaner bag and sprinkled in some wonderful smelling crystals.  How funny that I would mention the smelling crystals, but they made the house smell so nice it was worth mentioning.  The plan is to make fried chicken for dinner and finish wrapping presents.  God willing, we have a surprise planned for the kids tomorrow.

 I am so happy that school is out for a few weeks. I was on serious burn out.  I'm talking major.  I needed a break from the constant arguing with a certain child about everything under the sun.  I had him read about Abe Lincoln and then he insisted that he stop doing school since Abe Lincoln only had 3 years of schooling and went on to be president.  When I asked the kids to start taking fish oil pills, he insisted that they alone would make him smart and he no longer needed school.  
He has begun writing me personal notes on his schoolwork like-- "This math is so dumb.  I will never need to know it in this lifetime.  What is the purpose of knowing what 30% of 53 is?  I couldn't answer that for you."
I ask him to erase it and he does, and he eventually does his work-- he really is a smart kid!  I have realized that I can't teach writing very well-- at least not to two of my children so they are taking a writing class next semester.  Oh you should have heard the misery that flowed from their lips when I told them.
It is so hard to teach a child that aims for a B grade when they are capable of getting straight A's. 

Today during family prayer time my note writer thanked God for this sort of not boring day.  
He really meant it too.


  1. Sometimes I wonder about the usefulness of some of the math Jasmine brings home too :)

    You're a couple of days ahead of us on vacation. We are all out tomorrow afternoon.

  2. We started our vacation today too! :)
    Your son's notes made me chuckle.
    Someday, he will look back and thank you for being so patient! :)

  3. Some times they just want mom, not a teacher, not a physical therapist, not a nurse, not a principal. Just mom. Great day MOM! Love Dennis's necktie! He is so creative!

  4. There's one in every crowd! No matter how many kids you have there is one who will be a bit more difficult and contrary and always go against the grain. They don't mean to - well maybe they do - but they just have a way of doing that :-)

    Merry Christmas to all the Reed's!!

    Marilyn from COLD, COLD Canada!!!!!

    PS.... it is minus 17 degrees C(that is 1.4 degrees F) where I live today and with the windchill it is -24 C and that is -11 F!!!!! COLD!!!!!!!

  5. Hi! This week has been filled with many homeschooling surprises and treats.For home economic class we baked christmas cookies.That was so much fun.We had to double and triple some ingredients that were used in cookie dough batches -that is where the math fractions came into play.My children learned first hand that math is needed in every day living.I took my children to the store and we bought all the items we needed for the cookie dough batches- this is where math skills were needed again.When my children saw how math was used in everyday living it was easier for them to understand how math is useful and learning fractions can be quite helpful especially if one likes cookies. Pat

  6. I was exactly like your son with math (I was also homeschooled). It was awful to try and learn things that I had no idea where I would actually use them. For me, personally, it was far easier to learn if I had a specific example of what I might actually use the math for. I bet it would help your son, too. For example, when I worked on a construction site, I had to figure out roof pitch and area. Suddenly all my geometry made sense!

    Alex looks so much like William in that photo. :)


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