Friday, December 7, 2012

A Good Day

Paul is so sweet. He set these out for the boys after school.
Nolan loves school so much!  He was so very happy to get this back pack.  Today was pajama day.  I didn't know it until he was dressed in his regular clothes and eating breakfast as I was reading over his school packet.  After he was done I had him change back into his pajamas.  I half expected him to fret but as long as he knew he was going to school I don't think he would have cared had he gone naked.  He loves school that much!
When I saw this at the store, I had to buy it.  Yes, I sometimes buy things on impulse.  Don't you?  I had previously tried to make these shells by forming them on the bottom of a muffin tin.  That hadn't worked out like I planned so I had nothing to lose by trying these.
Anyway, these little tins actually work!
I was impressed with how easy it was to bake these shells.  To give them a fried feel, I lightly brushed them with canola oil.  So worth the $10!
Oliver is such a ham!  He expresses himself in the sweetest of ways.   Once a quiet little boy he now wants to be heard!  He wants to be part of the conversation.  Of course we welcome this!
It was Andrew's idea to start making snowflakes.  By the end of it, he had Julia, Anastasia, Dennis, and even Nolan making them.
Here is a list of little things that made my day.

Dennis showed me that he could spell "Mommy".  

After reading about how well Selah is doing with the fish oil study, I went out and bought a big bottle for the family.  I am so encouraged to read about her progress and I think of her and her family all the time.  Please check out their blog so that you can keep them in your prayers.
Anyway, I mentioned at dinner that I wanted the whole family to start taking a pill a day and just like I thought there was lots of complaining.  However, Adam was the first to pop the pill in his mouth an swallow!
That's my boy!

William got 100% on Wordly Wise test!

Paul got 100% on his spelling test!

I think I am finished with all of the Christmas shopping.


  1. I've looked at those pans at the store a few times. Glad to hear they work well. We love anything Mexican for dinner.


  2. We are so excited about Selah's progress.We take fish oil over here too. :) Nolan and Oliver are adorable!
    Where did you fin the tortilla pans? I have tried the muffin tin way too with corn tortillas. It worked, but those look really neat!

  3. I really LOVE the picture of Nolan with his backpack on! He looks so handsome and confident. :) Glad he is enjoying school.

  4. Man, you're organized! I still have some Christmas shopping to do and a ton of gifts to make.

    Nolan and Oliver are growing and changing so fast, it's amazing. What sweet little guys.

  5. I read about Selah every single day since the accident. Praying for the family.

  6. I LOVE reading about your family - so much LOVE and compassion not only from you and your husband toward your children, but between your children as well. You are raising up such wonderful kids - what an impact they are going to make on the world! Keep up the good work. I'm always inspired by you! :) Jen


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