Friday, November 2, 2012

Thank Goodness it's Friday

Julia and Galina made a Snicker cake from scratch.  While Julia was frosting it, we both got the idea to try a piece in the corner and then fill it in with frosting.  In case you were wondering it was very yummy!
This is Julia's poison oak.  She tried the blowdryer and it helped a bit.  Baking soda paste and lots of Benadryl has helped the most.  Doing research today I learned that it would only take a 1/4 ounce of Urushiol oil to give every person in the world a bad case of poison oak.  I sure hope terrorists who want to wreak havoc don't get any ideas.  I don't even have poison oak but just from watching the agony of Julia I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.  
Since this is like the 3rd or 4th time our family has gotten poison oak I think we will always be remembered as the poison oak family.  Ugh.  I hope not.
Today Adam had a biopsy on his arm.  The doctor thinks it is a lipoma but since it popped up suddenly he wanted to make sure.  If you have a weak stomach you should skip over these next two photos.

Last but not least.  A letter to our neighbor from one of our kids.  Oh joy.

Dear Neighbor,
I am really sorry about throwing rocks at your house.  I didn't mean to throw them that hard and it wasn't meant for them to actually hit your house.  I was only trying to throw them onto your grass.  I know I shouldn't have done that either.  I promise it won't happen again.  I usually don't do this sort of thing and I don't know what I was thinking.

The kid that rocked your house


  1. Its been a while since i have caught up with your blog but thankfully a link on facebook reminded me of your wonderful family.

    Your posts are so real and such blessings.

    Thank you for being you xxx

  2. I love the last line of the "Dear Neighbor Letter". Honestly, I'm still laughing. But only because I have a child who will probably be writing a letter exactly like that some day.

  3. "The kid that rocked your house" reminds me of rock the casbah...... Always smiles and trials for sure!

  4. LOL.... I wonder what the neighbor's reaction was to the letter. :)

  5. Gold bond says it helps poison oak too. Juck!
    I love the final letter "the kid that rocked your house" :)
    I hope they got a kick out of the letter and remembered when they too were young, did something they thought was fun without thinking and then later regretted it...if not i have enough of my own childhood to share with them...or maybe you should make them a snickers cake too!

  6. Hi! I think it was nice that your child was able to apology for something that he did.It shows that you child has character and courage to admit he was wrong.Pat

  7. My Hubby is the KING of finding poison ivy / oak / sumac. If the itching is too terrible or spreads to her face go into the doctor. A round of Prednisone usually clears up most of the rash very quickly. For prevention of course stay out of it ;-) But if the kids have somewhere through brush wipe down skin with a product called TECNU or even plain old rubbing alcohol as that stuff will cut the oils. Make sure to wash clothes is hot water with heavy duty detergent - shoes too or he/she will pop back up with rashes from contaminated clothes. For some short term relief have her take bath with the hottest water bearable - I mean just short of causing a burn. My Hubby swears this gives a few minutes relief from the itching.


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