Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I See the Light!

Dennis drew this at school.  That sure is a lot of smiley faces.
This was Julia's legs at their worst.  She was miserable.  The day after her fainting episode she was back to her normal self.  I am so glad to see her up and around.
Daddy with his two youngest happy boys! 
Dennis, Alex, and Nolan all had to stand in the corner for throwing rocks outside.  I guess Dennis got tired and decided to take a nap.  
This past Thursday I took Oliver to the doctor because he was very listless in the morning.  He had other symptoms that resembled diabetes so they wanted to check his blood sugar.  On Friday he had blood work done.  Little guy didn't even cry when he was poked.  Then yesterday, we saw a new pediatrician since our current doctor told us that he was downsizing his practice and would soon be changing his focus.  I was pleasantly surprised!  The pediatrician rocked!  She went over his lab results which she isn't concerned about at all-- but there is even better news.  She referred us to see an orthopedist, an ophthalmologist, an ENT, started Oliver on Prevacid, and ordered an echo cardiogram.
What more could I ask for?  
Praising God for this new doctor.  The best part-- they are open till 8pm and on the weekends too!


  1. That is a fabulous doctor! Wow! I am so glad you found one.

  2. Woo Hoo! for the new doc. Sounds like Oliver will be well taken care of from here on out.

    Rejoicing with you!

    mama of 12

  3. That's soo awesome! Praise God, His plan is always greater!

  4. So glad to hear this. You've been due some good news!

  5. Some weeks are like this, aren't they? The little boys look so happy! A good doctor is priceless.

  6. Slava Bogu! What an answer to prayer! God just reached down and said "Christine, I've got this. No more battles with this doctor." :)

  7. Hi! This is awesome to have a doctor who is so available to meet your child's needs when they are sick.In PA there has been some changes with health insurances co.and many doctors who took some insurances in the past are not able to take new patients or even keep their old patients who opted to go with these new insurance providers in the area because the rate of payment for the doctors are so low.I can not blame the doctors.Before I signed up for a new insurance co. I called all the specialists my children go to to see what plans they take.A couple of the doctors my children go to only are taking cash payments now and using no insurance co. These doctors really lowered their rates because the doctors stated insurance co.'s were a hassle to deal with and very expensive to do billing.Pat


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