Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Missed a Spot

When everyone is busy doing school Nolan and Oliver play.  It is so sweet to watch them together.  Nolan is now very gentle with Oliver and Oliver learns so much from watching his big brother!
Julia's legs look awesome once again.  Poison oak is officially over for her.  Too bad some of the other girls still have a little of it.
I found a pair of scissors in the downstairs bathroom next to a pile of hair.  I assumed it was Dennis or Nolan.  It was William.  He thought I had missed a spot. 


  1. Hi!It is nice to have young children who can entertain themselves with play when you are working on homeschooling projects.I tried to include my younger children in on the art projects especially the finger painting .It was a little messy but so much fun.Pat

  2. wow her leg completely heal.. thanks did the scar disappear? what did u used?


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