Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Galina

There's another 14 year old in the house!  That makes a total of five girls all the same age.
Happy birthday Galina!
We love you so much!
Thanks for making us smile... keeping us on our toes... and blessing the pants off of us with your amazing zest for life.

To make her day special, I wanted to do something that she didn't expect yet I know she wanted.  I got her a hair relaxer kit and did her hair.  It was a great bonding moment for us.
Later in the day I took the girls out to lunch and for some shopping.  

At the Target check stand I told the guy cashier that Annalyn lost her baby unicorn.  This was a complete joke, but he thought I was serious.  Maybe it was somewhere in the store.
I told him I didn't think so since it was her imaginary friend.  He caught on quickly and we were all laughing.
Later in the day we all went out to see "Here Comes the Boom!"  I must say that it is an awesome movie!
Awesome, awesome, awesome!  Galina's pick of course!
After that, we all went out to dinner.

Of course, the Red Robin crew sang her a birthday song. 
Her actual birthday was the day our community group meets so she blew out the candles on that day.
Gotta love the cake-- we had fun making it!
Galina is such a wonderful daughter.  Each day we are growing closer.  Take this morning.  Her and Dennis went shopping with me.  At our second store, I tripped in the parking lot and fell flat on my face.  I was embarrassed and in lots of pain.  Still on the ground, one guy stopped his car to see if I needed help but the prideful woman I am said no thank you.  I was tempted to just go home, but we needed milk and bananas gosh darn it.  Galina said she would be a big help and do everything.  
And she did.  It was wonderful.  She is becoming more of an amazing young lady everyday.


  1. Happy birthday beautiful girl! Love the hair! Miss you all!

  2. Hi! Birthday celebrations are so much fun.I love them.There is no Red Robin in this area but my children are alway singing the ad song for RED ROBIN.Continue to sing and enjoy your family many happy birthdays to come. Pat

  3. What a wonderful young lady. And so beautiful too! Happy Birthday Galina!

  4. Happy birthday, Galina! It's been wonderful to watch you blossom and grow in this family.

  5. Happy birthday Galina.

    Adam looks so grown up in the picture.

  6. Happy Birthday, Galina! Such a beautiful young lady!

  7. Happy birthday to a beautiful young lady !! You shine Galina, you're beautiful ! You're an inspiration to me... Even after having gone through some hard times, you manage now to seem to enjoy every little moment of your life. Congratulations !!
    You should maybe write a guest post about how your birthday day was like from your point of view, I'm sure we all would absolutely love reading it !
    Thanks Christine for having shared these smiles with us !
    Lots of love from Belgium !

  8. Happy birthday, Galina!

    Your family is so lovely - I'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Your perspective on everything from the difficult to the fun is so refreshing and real!

  9. Happy Birthday Galina! You grow more and more beautiful inside and out every day! Hope it was a happy day for you!

    CHeryl in ID

  10. Happy Birthday Galina! I can't believe how beautiful you are, just getting more beautiful by the second! Happy Birthday!


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