Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Finally on the Up and Up

After Julia's first trip to Urgent Care on Saturday we had high hopes.  But, she wasn't showing any signs of improvement.  In fact, it was quite the opposite-- she was getting worse.  We tried Tecnu along with a few other over the counter creams plus the antibiotics, but her rash was not only looking worse, she was feeling miserable too.  Tossing and turning and aching all over, we went back to the doctor today.  By this time she was running a fever and the doctor suspected MSRA.  The nurse took a swab sample, pricked her twice for a blood sample, and gave her a shot of Atarax to relieve her itchy skin.  They didn't have a shot of antibiotic to begin the initial healing process so I went to the pharmacy immediately to pick up the new prescription.  The doctor said that if this heavy duty antibiotic was going to work we would see it in a matter of hours.  If not, Julia should go to the hospital for intravenous meds.
We continued to pray and waited to see if there was any improvement.  There was!  The swelling went down.  The redness began to dissipate.  Her fever went away.  
Just have a look for yourself!
Even the raised, weepy rash appears to be drying up.
The main thing though....
is that Julia's spirit is back up.  She was feeling very discouraged.
And as her Mom, this was very hard to watch.
My poor baby.
November is a busy month for Adam.  He was chosen as a finalist for a full ride scholarship to one of 8 colleges and will know at the end of this month whether or not he got it.  Just in case he is preparing a couple of other college applications to send off at the end of this month.  He is also applying for different grants and scholarships.  Wow is there a lot of paperwork involved-- and he is doing 95% of it!  I am sure he can't wait till this process is behind him.
Caleb made the basketball team.
There is so much going on with the kids.  
I wish I knew where to start.
Inappropriate use of Ipod...
Trouble at school....

Though some of these things happened a few weeks ago I haven't found the words to share yet.
Today I began yet another writing curriculum with Galina, Anna, and William.  We are focusing on doing research reports.  As we read a sample report on the U.S.S. Constitution, William could not get over how the writer referred to this ship as a "her".  When he read, he replaced each "she" with an "it".  He was truly beside himself that an object such as a masculine ship could be referred to as female.
Let's just say, that this made for an interesting last hour of home school.


  1. oh my! poor Julia, glad the meds are working!!!

  2. Hi!I have found that students who are in the autism spectrum range that they may take every school lesson very literal and referring to a ship as her may be difficult for them to understand.I hope your daughter is better poison oak is no joke. I have used a prescription cream once the poison oak is clearing up and it helps the skin to heal faster.Good luck, Pat

  3. I hope you are not dealing with the same inappropriate use of the iPod that we've dealt with for almost 4 years with one of the children now.

    Glad Julia is better!!!

  4. I'm happy to hear that Julia is feeling better... Praise the Lord !
    I'm praying for you and thinking of you very much as some of your kids are going through difficult moments right now. I especially pray for the kid who is dealing with depression, I do hope he/she will soon find his/her "way" and joy and that his/her depression will last soon. For having gone through this, time helps but a loving family helps more then everything, and he/she does have a loving family !!
    God bless you and your family
    Lots of love

  5. OMG; poor Julia..I feel for her so bad...HUGS......

  6. Btw Chirtsine, I mean not that you are busy or anything ; )) but did you ever get around to making those frames with the puzzle pieces? I´d love ot see how they came out!
    : ) Gina

  7. Poor baby is right!!! Bless Julia's heart. SO thankful she is getting some relief!! I hope you feel all the way better soon, Julia!

  8. WOW! Those are horrible rashes! So glad she has medication to help and her spirits are lifted! Praying for Adam and the full ride scholarship! Praying for all your kiddos, and YOU! You have become one of my stabilizing friends amidst our crazy lives. LOVE YOU!

  9. I am glad Julia is feeling better. I had Poison Oak last summer and though it was not nearly as bad as hers I was miserable too. Poor kid.

    Hang in there, Mama, you will work things out with your kids. You always seem to even if it takes a while.

  10. So happy Julia is feeling better. I've had MRSA but not even close to how bad she had it. I'll be praying for her.

  11. oh poor Julia! I hope you are feeling better soon! Ask your sweet momma to get you some serious probiotics (refrigerated kind at health store) to offset the effects of that high antibiotic :-)

  12. I certainly know what you mean about too much to write about. I'm just overwhelmed, and it would feel so good to share, but I just don't have but a moment here or there....

  13. Intrigued by your battle with Julia's poison oak (and she and I share the same name) I went on a little hunt myself. I've never experienced it myself but am often curious of things once I read about them, and will research until I fall asleep.

    I came across a message board where EVERY SINGLE response was SWEARING by apple cider vinegar and baking soda as a paste. Of course it burns a bit, but after the burn its pure relief.

    I have to say, I am keen on agreeing, only because I use ACV on other sorts of itches and after a slight sting, it ALWAYS brings relief and clears it up right away. I've used it for yeast infections, ringworm, athletes foot, yeast underarm, etc.

    ACV is sort of a miracle in a $2 bottle. Great for you inside and out.

    Anyhow, if she is still needing relief, research this point some to see how you all feel about it. They said it brought instant relief and clearing up.

    Best wishes!

    Be careful in hot bath tubs! I hear fainting in young women is commonplace after long hot baths!

    Must have been so scary with everything else she's dealing with. Prayers and good wishes.


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