Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Update

Friends-- you rock!  Thank you so much for all of the comments for William.  They made his day!  And certainly lightened up mine.  And you have inspired some of my other children to be guest bloggers on Smiles and Trials too!

Thank you for all of the prayers for Julia.  They have been carrying us through.  Neither of us knew how hard it would be afterwards.   So many things seem scary now.  Helping her to wash her legs... her standing up from the couch too fast... her having a slight headache.  What if the same thing happened as last night?  Earlier in the day, Julia was teary-eyed and just plain overwhelmed with it all, but she is doing better now.   Our neighbor came over to check up on her and reassured us that her ankles are the furthest away from everything so of course they are still going to look the worst.  Her arms and her thighs are looking much better, but her ankles look like they have port wine stains.  For a  bit of good bit of news though-- I called and got the results of her blood work-- all normal!

I wish she was the only one dealing with poison oak in our family.  Andrew and Jonny have it pretty bad themselves.  Tonight I rubbed Tecnu all over their body and nails and then made sure they washed every inch of their body with soap. Then I covered them in calamine lotion.  Bless their hearts-- they are enduring like troopers.

As if we weren't dealing with enough, I felt the need to take Oliver to the doctor this morning.  Around 7a.m. He was stirring in his crib though not really awake.  I didn't want to risk waking Julia up who was finally sleeping well in my bed, so I picked him up and headed downstairs.  He was listless.  No matter how hard I tried I could barely wake him.  Then he was back asleep. He had done this once before a few weeks ago and water seemed to do the trick.  He gulped down five ounces in no time.  First thought was that he was dehydrated, but even this water did not wake him and he had no signs of dehydration.  In fact, he needed a diaper change.  Anyway, we got him to eat a little bit, but he was just not really hungry.  After a half hour of him being listless, I decided to call the doctor.  They told me to bring him right in.

After doing some research, I immediately thought-- diabetes.  On top of his lethargy, and thirst, he has had rashes on his face, and he always seems to have the sweetest smelling breath.  I had always thought it was baby's breath.   He doesn't have a fever.  The doctor first thought the same thing, so they did a finger prick.  Oliver didn't even flinch.  His blood sugar count was 160 which the doctor said was random.  He then wanted to do a urine test.  I wasn't sure how long we would be there since Oliver had just filled a diaper, but in just a few minutes he went.  His ketones came back high as well as his white blood cell count.  The doctor prescribed antibiotics.  And first thing tomorrow morning I am taking Oliver in for lab work while he is fasting.  Since coming home, Oliver seems to be doing better... that's a praise.  But still, I am anxious to see how his blood work comes back.

As we go into the weekend, I am craving a couple of uneventful days.  Boring never sounded so good.  Not sure that is possible since we are celebrating a birthday!  Thank goodness that Monday is a holiday.
Tonight I made pancakes.  Really didn't have the time or energy to make anything else.  

P.S.  When Dennis first came home he immediately came to me to share that he had gotten a yellow card for talking loudly in class.  He was very sorry and promised not to get one tomorrow.



  1. Aw, that is so sweet of Dennis to confess to you so quickly about his yellow card.
    For Oliver, please, please make sure to stay on top of this. I don't know if you're aware of this but children with Down Syndrome are more susceptible to leukemia than otherwise typical children. I sure do hope everything turns out fine, though, for him.
    As always, I so enjoy reading about your awesome family.

  2. Praying for all, especially Oliver. HATE medical problems that can come with Ds.

  3. My word. When it rains it pours. My heart goes out to you guys.

  4. I cried reading this post. Poor Julia - she (and you all) must have been so scared. And Oliver... wow, you guys sure have a lot on your plate right now!

    Sending you ALL much love and prayer!

  5. Praying for you my sweet friend. I hate when my children are sick I have 2 adopted 3 foster and they have all been sick with something or another. It is weiry sometimes, but I know our Father is faithful.

  6. I hope all is well with Oliver. He seems to be thriving with you.

  7. You guys just can't catch a break! I don't blame Julia (and you!) for being nervous, but I hope everything goes smoothly.

    Poor Oliver. I hope it's nothing serious and he recovers rapidly with the antibiotics.

    As for pancakes, did you know you can bake them? I just learned this awesome trick from Pinterest. You whip up your pancake batter and pour it into a couple of cake pans (or muffin tins, if you want bite size ones) and bake at 350° for 6-8 minutes or so, then cut them into squares and serve. SO much faster and easier than standing at the stove for an hour. Just thought I'd share since it's been a huge timesaver for me with just 3 kids.

  8. "As we go into the weekend, I am craving a couple of uneventful days. Boring never sounded so good. Not sure that is possible since we are celebrating a birthday!"

    hahhaa.... you made me think of this scene...

  9. Wow. Prayers definitely continuing without stop. You all have sure had some things going on. Julia sounds like a wonderful girl, though, to be enduring so much and with such grace. God bless her. . .and your little Olliepop!! Poor little guy. I sure hope it's just a random passing infection of some kind that is cured by the antibiotics. God bless you all!

  10. Hi! It seems like your doctor is right on top of your children medical needs.Special needs children have many ups and downs with their medical needs just like any child will have.You and John also seem to offer your children support and have a strong knowledge base of their medical needs. Blessings, Pat

  11. Just a quick though about Oliver, could be possibly be recovering from a seizure when he is listless and hard to wake up? That was how my daughter was for a few hours after her seizures.

  12. I love the fact you kep everything so real :)

  13. I take care of a two and a half year old with Down syndrome. She has constipation problems and that is how she acts when she needs a suppository. I'm not saying that is Oliver's problem, but you might want to keep an eye on that. :)


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