Monday, October 29, 2012

Where Has the Time Gone?

I can sure be goofy sometimes.  I think we all can be.  Here is Bullseye watching William play computer. 
Laughter sure is the best medicine.
William was a huge help for dinner.  He peeled nearly 30 potatoes!
Here is Caleb serving up cake.  
One night we had chili bowls for dinner!  To make the bowls more edible I painted butter on the inside and out and toasted them in the oven.  This also helped keep the bowls from getting soggy.
Andrew and Jonny have stepped up to help Paul with his BSF this year.  Paul doesn't really know how to look up the verses yet, but he is learning.
Nolan is a great eater!  He went for his post-op appointment last week and the surgeon says he is healing great!  Just tonight I am pretty sure I heard him say, "I want more,"  just like his brother.
Julia and Anna doing their schoolwork in the morning.
Oliver is such a love!  Oh how we love him so!  When we first got this jumper he didn't like it very much.  After raising the seat it is just the right height for him to bounce away!
Tonight we carved pumpkins.  I wasn't much in the mood but I know that it is something the kids enjoy.  I really didn't carve pumpkins, I just watched them and took pictures.  Not all the kids carved pumpkins either because they just didn't seem interested.  Some were doing homework and a few were outside "acting". 
It was fun watching those who still get a kick out of this tradition.
Julia made cookies to have after pumpkin carving.
Anastasia really enjoyed herself tonight.  She carved a pumpkin all by herself.
Just look at how she cut the lid.  :) She cut the top off and then continued to cut away at the top so that the lid no longer fits.
I was happy to see Paul working on a pumpkin since he hurt his finger yesterday.
Nolan liked playing with the pumpkin guts.
Poor Oliver is under the weather.  His cheeks are so red and chapped, bless his heart.  They just make him all the cuter.  Isn't he adorable in his green jammies?  I am enjoying him so much.  I love our bedtime ritual. He loves his nose rubbed and he sucks his tongue in the cutest way.  He is a great cuddler!
Here is one of the pumpkins nearly finished.


  1. Hi! I must go this week and get some pumpkins for my children. I am thinking about just letting the children paint the pumpkins.Pat

  2. Oliver is a cutie for sure. You might want to discourage tongue sucking, though, if it becomes a habit it can cause problems with speech later.

  3. This year we just did one pumpkin. There wasn't that much interest. Kind of like with yours, others were sorting through the costume bins or doing other things.

  4. Hey Christine, this is Erin from up in Alberta, I am sorry to comment on an older post I hope you still get it! I wondered-do you have Oliver on regular cows milk? I only ask after seeing his picture with the chapped cheeks-my second daughter has a bad dairy allergy and her cheeks were always like that, she always had ear infections and a runny nose-just thought I would suggest it! It took us three years to figure it out with her and what a difference it made! Hope you don't mind me butting my nose in *smile* Blessings to you and your family!


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