Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Something Big Tomorrow!

I thought it was time I try to make kale chips.  They certainly seemed easy enough.
Wash kale.  Dry.  Toss with a light coating of olive oil and salt.  Bake for 10 minutes.
I could do that.
I really didn't know what to think but I had heard people rant and rave about them.  I even heard someone crave them.  I was optimistic.  
They were light.  They definitely could be described as melting in your mouth.  But delicious?
I'm still not sure.  

Caleb came up to me a few minutes ago and with all seriousness asked me, "So Mom, you know how I am trying to eat healthier?  Well can I pack the rest of the kale chips in my lunch tomorrow?"
For an instant, I was really excited.  I believed him.  
But he was just joking.
Cruel, huh?
Galina helped with dinner tonight.  We had baked potatoes with all kinds of toppings including this smoked sausage fried up.  The kids enjoy it every time.
Dennis is not too happy in this picture.  He was upset that William was not letting him use some of the legos.
Can you say-- bedtime?
Thankfully they worked it out. 
It never fails that the kids gravitate to our room around bedtime.  They enjoy hanging out. 
Check out this boy's smile.  He is our precious Nolan who is set to have surgery on his cleft palate first thing in the morning.  As I scrubbed him up in the tub he hummed a pretty song.  Like always-- singing and trying his best to talk.  That is what is so exciting about tomorrow.  Finally he will have a chance to talk-- to tell us what he has been trying to tell us for the last three months.
Sleep tight my big boy!  Tomorrow is your big day!


  1. Praying all goes well with the surgery in the morning!
    Reading this reminds me of a book called The Good Dream by Donna VanLiere. Its a great read you should check it out!

  2. Hope it all goes nice and smoothly and he wakes up pain free. He's SO cute! As are all your kiddos.

    I've been wanting to try kale chips, too, but I can't find kale here. Looks like they weren't much of a hit though. :)

  3. Saying prayers for you Nolan. xoxo

  4. Wishing him much luck on his surgery. He has the cutest smile :-) Hope it goes well and his recovery is quick and painless.

  5. I made kale chips after I kept hearing how great they were. They were gross!!! I'll stick with potato chips :)

  6. Alex's face says it all...that's classic~

  7. I hope the surgery will work out great and that Nolan won't have got too much pain. I'll be praying for him !!
    By the way, I noticed on some pictures that he seems to have very dry skin. Have you ever tried Trixera ? ( Because of my EEC syndrome I've got very dry skin and that cream works really well ! I use it every day and this is a big help. Just wanted to let you know, I thought it is always useful to know tips or things that worked for other people whith the same condition :) I also put Mustela Baby Cream on my face every day and it helps too.
    Good luck to Nolan !!

  8. Good luck to Nolan on his surgery! I've had many a cleft surgery myself, they're scary and they hurt, but they're always for the best! I hope his pain is well-controlled and he recovers quickly!

  9. Seeing Nolan's photo just makes me want to sweep him up and steal him away from you; he is so lovable.

    The Kale Chip story is funny. Too good to be true.

    How do you make the smoked sausage? I cook it with onion and cabbage and it is vastly popular.

  10. How did the surgery go today? Praying for a quick recovery!

  11. Praying for Nolan, Christine. Love, Chenning

  12. Thinking of little Nolan over here in the UK.
    x x

  13. Hoping all is well with Nolan's surgery. He's darling!

    I did the kale experiment about 2 years ago. They tasted bitter to us. We tried but won't be making those again.

    Cheryl in ID

  14. Hi!My family loves kale.I have not had much luck with making kale chips.My children love to eat kale leaves.I use kale in salads. We got our kale from the CSA farm we belong to.Good luck with your desserts,Pat

  15. Love this post
    so much happiness and love
    you have a beautiful family..
    Lisa mommytoalot


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