Thursday, October 18, 2012

Round Two

Tonight John an I went on a date....

to the pharmacy drive-thru.   It was quite romantic.

The pharmacist said we had the biggest order of the day.  Maybe that's why it took 30 minutes to get our order ready.

Anyway, we have officially begun round two of medications for Alex and Dennis.  I sure hope it works.


  1. I, also, hope so. I've had that treatment. It's not fun.

  2. Date at the drive through "May I have a syringe with my Coke please?" Too funny. How do you find time for just "you two" as a couple? I'm challenged with only 4! :-) Hope the meds do their job! Blessings of healing to you all.

  3. Hi!Does your pharmacy deliver medication to private homes?Mine does and it is great especially if I have a child who is sick.My pharmacy delivers several times a day .Pat


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