Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Sunday

More pictures of Oliver.  I just can't help it-- he is so cute!  He is eating and feeding himself like such a big boy!
Look at his two little teeth!
If you look closely you can see his two upper teeth coming in too!
Nolan is doing so well.  He is finally beginning to talk.  He can say no, more, and Wachel.
He loves to make faces for the camera.  Here is his munchkin face.   
Frosted Pumpkin cookies.  The whole family-- all 19 of us-- absolutely love them!
Our community group is awesome!  We love, love, love them all!  What we do is very special.  We always end with dinner.  We often hang out till it is time for our little ones to go to bed.  Good night Rachel and Galinka! 
Ha ha-- the girls are looking over my shoulder as I type this.


  1. I love all your kids, but these two little guys are just so CUTE!

  2. Mmmm frosted pumpkin cookies! Love the ENORMOUS kitchen table too :)

  3. It's great to see the little ones thriving in their new home. Hope the palate is healing well. I know with Jasmine it was nice she no longer got food up in her sinuses!

  4. Please share the cookie recipe if you don't mind. I love pumpkin baked goods!

  5. Hi! This Sunday we had our annual Fall Harvest Festival at the Ukraine church.It was really cool and on the dessert table there was a plate of pumpkin cookies.It was neat to eat a pumpkin cookie.One of the woman from the church stated she used the pumpkins from her own garden to make her cookies and pumpkin pie.Pat

  6. Nolan has come so far; so has oliver they are both so precious! Your other kids also seem to be growing up so nicely!

  7. Stop by my blog and be random with me : )

  8. Hi Christine, those cookies look so good! :) Sorry I don't always comment, but I still read your amazing story and keep updated with your family. God Bless! :)

  9. Nolan's face is SO CUTE!! I think you might have said something about this before but have you ever been approached about documentaries? Just curious if anyone has ever wanted to do an episode(s) about your family and adoption experiences.


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