Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not The News I Wanted to Hear

This morning started with some not so good news.  I took Alex and Dennis to the doctor to have them retested for H. Pylori.  
~Big sigh.~
They still test positive.
Now we get to start an even longer round of meds in hopes that we can kill this tiny, pesky bacteria.
Oh and the doctor that I am happy to have all of us see and have been seeing for the last two months is no longer going to see children starting with the new year.  He wants to focus on preventative and wellness for adults.
~Double big sigh.~
At least he told me face to face.  At least he is giving me plenty of notice.  And at least he gave me the name of another private doctor's office.  And for now he will continue to see my kids until I am ready to make the switch.
See-- what a great doctor.  I am bummed is an understatement.
Here is a picture of Nolan "reading" a book to Oliver.  So sweet.
I had seen a great idea for lunch.  Instead of corn dogs why not make cornbread muffins with hot dogs cut up in them?  So that's what we did except I didn't add enough hot dogs, and the corn meal with crunchy.  Anastasia called the muffins dry.  William wouldn't eat them.  But still, the majority of us topped them with chili, cheese, and sour cream.  I loaded mine up with jalapenos.
It was lunch.
Just a reminder to all you parents out there.  Actually I need he reminder more than you do.
Delayed obedience is disobedience.
Waiting till someone else starts to do your job and then running in and asking to do it does not count.
No siree!
Here is an inspirational video of an adoptive Mom in China.  Mama Kong you rock! Thanks Leah for sharing it first.


  1. Being someone whose been on rounds of meds to kill the H-pylori bacteria I can tell you it's really uncomfortable..and sadly they never worked for me. My last bought had me looking for other ways to fight it and I found Manuka honey! God Send!! Haven't been retested, but that's cause I haven't had to go back to the doc :) It's all natural, taste good and worked wonders quickly. Maybe you should try it in conjunction w/ the antibiotics? It won't hurt and will actual help rebuild the good bacteria in their bellies that the antibiotics are killing along with the bad. Anyway..just a thought :) Hope their feeling better soon and that your able to find another dr. you love..I know that's a biggy in our home too.

  2. I have a big issue with First Time Obedience. Basically that it's not something we adults do, not something that is biblically founded for those that it matters, and did I just say it's not what we adults do?

  3. We had that nasty parasite as well with our girls. Our pediatrician did stools only because he said It can show in the bld for up to a year. He said if it tests neg in stools than it is accurate. Best,

  4. Love, love, love the picture of Nolan reading to Oliver! Absolutely warms the heart. :-)

    Pioneer Woman just posted today on corn muffins
    Pioneer Woman's Corn Dog Muffins

    I like how she shows the step-by-step photos along the way for each recipe. They do sound good!

  5. This is not about this post, but I'm hoping Christine will either put up a widget or a link or something to this website since you have a heart for orphans. This is why Orphans at Play is so important and close to my heart.

    As some of you may know, my 3 year old nephew, *Henry* was adopted from Vlad. He is a great little guy who has come a long way from those orphanage days. He received early intervention was he got home and is now receiving some minor services as a preschooler to help him catch up. From what I have read about other kids who come from an orphanage he has done amazingly well. There are some orphans who struggle with attachment, play skills, academics, and social skills. Yet, "Henry" is a curious little dude who is cute as a button, will sing a song, play on Auntie's iPad, count to 11, knows who his mama is!, and other stuff - I don't want to sound like I am a proud auntie or anything!

    Anyway, I digress...the babies, toddlers and children in many orphanages do not get the special loving like you would give your child, grandchild, niece/nephew, etc. Therefore, they either go to anyone (called parent shopping) and don't bond with a parent if/when they are adopted, they are unable/disinterested in playing with toys, do not make eye contact, may not be able to communicate/speak, etc. The list can go on and on.

    One of the projects that I have been interested in is the Grandma Mentoring Program. This program is administered through Orphans at Play.

    Their website is:
    More specifically:

    They are currently trying to raise funds to send more grandmas into orphanages and take a curriculum to the grandmas which will help promote the development of these orphaned children.

    Promoting "causes" is not really my forte and more importantly, I really hate asking for money, but I'm not really asking for money. I am sharing about an opportunity that hits close to my heart - not just because of my nephew, but because early intervention for young children is important to me and yes, it is the way I earn a living! The reason I am sending this to you is because you know my brother or sister/nephew; you know my parents; you are family; children and early childhood education are important to you. You are special in other words!

    So I am asking that you check out the website, look at their program and if it "moves" you, then maybe send a few dollars for the Mentoring Grandma Program or send them coats/clothes/toys or purchase something from their store. I have done all three of these things. And if this does not interest you, then maybe you could forward this information onto some other people.

    I appreciate your time and willingness to listen to my rambling and check this program out.
    The orphans will thank you too!

    *Name changed for privacy purposes"

  6. Christine, We have had to deal with this nasty bacteria with our adopted children After several rounds of meds someone told me about a herbal tea called MATULA that are herbs from south Africa.It worked for us.

  7. Hi!I love that your son is trying to read to another child. Even just looking at pictures in books provide children with coginitive stimulation. When I homeschool my children I am right in sight of them to make sure they are doing the schoolwork that they are capable of doing. Good luck, Pat

  8. Love, love, LOVE Mama Kong's husband, too!

  9. Having had H Pylori in the past, I will tell you what worked for me. I have Lupus and was really leery of taking antibiotics for so long on top of all of my other meds. I did lots of research and found Matula tea. All natural and GUARANTEED. It's been about 7 years now and I have never tested positive again. Look into it!

    GUARANTEED or your money back. Only reason I tried it :)

  10. Thanks Christian Kay! I checked it out. It is quite expensive. If my kids test positive again, I will definitely look into other treatments.

  11. I have a child (adopted, some developmental delays, etc...) who NEVER does what we ask when we ask even if it will get her where she WANTS to go. She will not get dressed when we ask, she will do something else first, etc.... all morning long until she has missed the bus, or whatever. She is 8. I am sooooooo weary of this nonsense. It's like it would kill her to obey. AND yet, if we say nothing she will badger us and do her utmost to get us to remind her what she is suppose to be doing... then if we take the bait... she won't do it until she decides to. THis every morning getting ready for school business has me so discouraged. If she misses the bus then we walk the 2and half miles. If she misses breakfast than I require her to drink a protein smoothie and she hates that, but it doesn't deter her one wit. She just started on a cpap and for 2 weeks she was nice and sweet in the morning and I thought/hoped we had found the root cause of her belligerence, but alas... so sad and weary over here :-(

  12. I do remember that the expense almost scared me off, but I am a sucker for money back guarantees :) Good luck!!

  13. Uugh! Praying for continued healing of the bug and finding the right "new" doctor for all!
    Love your lunch!

  14. We require first time obedience too, because regardless of whether adults do it or not, we should. If God wants us to obey, he wants us to obey Him the first time; even if it were only because it will prevent us from more sin, that'd be worth it. Obviously it is something that has to be worked toward.

  15. Awesome video about Mama Kong. What a tragedy--all those kids, deserted because of a disability. Thank you for sharing.


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