Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Ollie

The boys are Lego crazy!
They finally moved them up into the loft because Oliver is crawling and I wouldn't want him to grab hold of one and put it in his mouth.  
Oliver is the man.  Even Adam thinks so.  Here is a picture of my youngest and oldest children.
Oliver makes these funny faces and they crack us up.  

Today while I was correcting math, Oliver fell asleep next to me.
Gosh, I love my little baby!
Alex lost a tooth yesterday.  Well actually I pulled it, but you get the picture.  He was so excited!
For now we have decided to fix the van.  Thankfully John got the dealership to throw in fixing the arm that came off one of the seats and a free rental car for the next week!
I have come to appreciate our new family doctor.  Yay!
I made cabbage soup tonight that I was hoping would fill me up as I attempt to try and lose some weight.  It was pretty terrible.  :(  At this point in my life I have gained 30 pounds since I stopped taking Estrogen in 2008 after my hysterectomy.  The thought of paying to lose weight when people are starving in this world (personally) just does not sit well with me.  However I struggle with losing the weight on my own.  I think I belong to the "Gotta Finish What's On My Plate and What's On My Kids' Plates Too Club."  I don't know why I am sharing this other than to say that if you are struggling with weight gain too, I understand.  I get it.  It is not easy.

Good night all.  It is almost nine and my bed is calling me.  


  1. is AMAZING and FREE!! It is very easy to use and there is a lot of support on there.

  2. Ollie is so adorable! I love the pictures of your beautiful family.

  3. Christine....I understand what you say about the money.....But weight wacthers really works, you don´t suffer and its something you can do for yourself...a Happy healthy Mom is a good mom...

    I don´t think you look so overweight but I know what you mean and how you feel....So I understand..I joined WW last January 2012 and met my goal last week...33 pounds lost....

    MAYBE you can find someone who does it and ask for the literature and stuff and photocopy it...MY sister lost 40 pounds along with me only on the photocopies I gave long as you know your propoints and have the guide etc..You can also do it online...I would send you my stuff but its in Spanish..I do WW here in Spain...

    CAbbage souup..YUCK! Christine, I lost 33 pounds eat rice, bread, pasta, meat fish, and of course plenty of veggies but treats too...That is the beauty of can fit anything in...even a trip to Mcdonalds (Happy meal is 11 pts!)

    O.k. I will stop saounding like a commercial....I always say that people who lose on WW are like a sect cuz once you do it and see how you CAN EAT and lose weight, you feel like you have to share the secret with its some universal truth or

    Oliver is ADORABLE....and yay about Alex´s tooth...


  4. The numbers on my bathroom scale just keep creeping up. Even one muffin or cookies makes its presence known. If only I could get out of the house and walk for two hours every day. Or, if only I could say no to the muffins.

  5. I have a cabbage soup recipe that is good that my mom always ate on her diet. I added the hamburger to fill up my kids but if you leave it out it would still be good. Cara
    Cabbage Soup (Lynne)
    Beef boullion
    Salt & pepper
    Green Pepper
    Tomato chunks
    1 pound hamburger
    Corn (if desired)
    Tomato juice (large can)
    Chop all vegetables
    Fry hamburger and onions until done. Drain off fat. Add chopped vegetables (not cabbage or tomatoes), sauté for a few minutes. Add cabbage & tomato chunks and sauté until soft. (approx 20 min) Add tomato juice , boullion, salt & pepper, and garlic. Bring to boil. Serve with sour cream.
    1/4 cup cooked rice

  6. Good morning!! First, Oliver is so stinkin cute, I don't know how you get anything done. Cuddling up to a sleeping baby would be too tempting!

    Losing weight. I am going to be brutally honest and say that I need to lose just over 100 lbs. I've worked through some trauma this year and come face to face with my emotional eating. I am walking 2.5-3 miles a day right now and using It is entirely free and such a wonderful program!! You put in your height, weight, and weight loss goal. It figures out what your calorie intake should be. You add in whatever you eat in a day and it figures up everything from the calories, to carbs, to sodium content, vitamins, etc... So, at the end of the day you can tell what you need to cut back on or what you need to add. It has been amazing for me. Oh, and you add in your activities, exercises, etc.. and it adjusts your calories burned with calories you can consume. You can even add friends so you have accountability and encouragement. Last thing lest I sound like an infomercial. If you have a smart phone or an itouch, and there is a food you don't find in their extensive bank of foods, you can scan it and it adds it to the list.

    I hope this helps!!! It's the greatest free thing out there. If you don't like that one though, a friend of mine is also having great success with!

  7. Oliver is so full of love and personality that you can practically see it in the photos!

    Thanks for sharing your weight struggle. I also need to lose at least 35 pounds. Last month I started walking with a friend, but unfortunately for me, weight loss really boils down to what I eat. And years of poor eating habits don't change so easily!

  8. You mentioned in an earlier post you like yogurt... Fage makes a 0% fat version, and it is delicious! I find eating a cup of it when I'm having a craving helps a ton.
    Also...Spicy Hot V8. I know it has a lot of salt, but it usually kicks a craving for a few more hours. look great, so don't beat yourself up over 30 lbs.

  9. I have an excellent recipe for Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup. I'll post it soon.

    You always look great. Don't be too hard on yourself :)

    Yes! I LOVE having a soft snuggly baby in the house too!! Enjoy every second. Adam and baby Ollie look so cute together.

  10. Another vote for The only time I have been successful at weightloss is when I committed all my food to a diary and this program makes it easy and keeps you mindful. Your little man Ollie is a Olliepop for sure. So happy to see him in your home in contrast to his situation in his place of birth. He is blessed, your family is blessed.

  11. That "clean plate club" sure gets us Mamas, huh?

    I have over 100 pounds to lose . . . but have just lost 30 pounds in 3 months. What am I doing? I am writing down every single bite that goes into my mouth . . . eating lots of protein and few carbs . . . and keeping my calorie count at right around 1000 calories per day. It's working for me.

    The first month is the hardest, but the weight loss is motivation to keep it going.

    Laurel :)

  12. you really can't just copy the WW stuff..that is copyright...that is STEALING!!!!!

    Something free like spark is good.

    Really it seems like no big deal, but as a Christian I know any type of stealing is wrong. I don't even copy pages from homeschool workbooks after i read an article that that too obviously is stealing!

  13. Hi!I heard Planet Fitness is great to work out at and only $10.00 a month.I have also heard that wieght watchers on line is quite helpful.Good luck, Pat


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