Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Doesn't Rachel's hair look adorable?  I just cut it a few days ago-- the shortest it has ever been.  I think it is too cute!
We have found some great buys at the 99 cent store--- like these pomegranates.  We harvested one off of our tree to compare and our arils ended up being sweeter.  Still, it was nice having an abundance if only for one day.
Other great buys were Eggo waffles (10 pack), 6--4 oz. Yoplait yogurts, and 1/2 gallons of Edy's ice-cream.  We pretty much cleaned out the store of these items.  :)  

William is a pretty good big brother to Nolan.  He always makes sure that Nolan has a snack at snacktime.  It is sweet.
I don't think I could live without this.  Finally-- after 4 different sharpeners we have found a winner!  
To show how serious I am about it, I allowed John to drill holes into my bookcase.  Now that's love.  And permanence.   
Here is a random picture of Sveta and Nolan.  Yes, Sveta is content walking around our "track" listening to music, holding Nolan.
This is Anna's favorite pastime nowadays.   Now that she is taking voice lessons she is singing up a storm!
Dennis and Alex followed Sveta around and around the track.  It looks like a good time was had by all!
Today was an interesting day.  Our charter school teacher came out to go over the kids' work.  At one point William went out to skateboard.  Next thing I know he comes in with a bee sting on his ear.  Anna of course was holding the stinger.  Of course.
After some ice on the bee sting, he went back out.  A couple minutes later he came back in sporting this injury.  It looks painful but the truth of the matter is that William hardly feels pain.  He gets these kinds of scrapes all. the. time.  From skateboarding, pogo stick jumping, biking-- you name it.  Funny thing is, I think he thinks it is hilarious.  We were doing a video for church and William fell while jumping a ramp on his bike.  You'd think he would be embarrassed but No!  He wanted to make sure the accident ended up up in the video.  As if it was cool.
William has sensory issues-- always has and probably always will.  I think he knows this too.  I just tell him to please, please, please be careful.  He is supposed to live way longer than me!
Sveta came to me insisting that I put a puffy thing on William.
"You mean a bandage?" I asked.
"Oh yes... that," she said.
A few days ago, a certain boy of mine was jumping on the pogo stick   Even though he knew better than to break the hulu hoop laying out on the cement-- and even though he knew the hulu should be put up at that moment-- and even though he knew that I had specifically asked that everyone take care of that hulu hoop, he decided to pogo jump on it.  It was shattered in that one spot.
And then he left it as if nothing happened.
The next day I noticed it and it didn't take long to find out who the culprit was.  I waited patiently impatiently for him to get home from school.  I asked him to follow me outside.
"Is there anything you would like to tell me?"
After some run around, he began to tell me how he accidentally broke the hulu hoop.  
I stopped him right there.
"Please stop.  I want you to choose your words carefully.  Don't use the word accident.  An accident implies that you didn't mean to do it.  When an accident happens you should be quick to feel bad and quick to confess because after all it is just an accident.  Accidents happen to all of us and you know that if you come and tell me you won't get in trouble.  But you did neither.  So please do not start out calling it an accident."
At that point I didn't want him to know that his brother had told me that the hulu hoop had been a target to jump on.
Thankfully he honestly went on to tell me how he broke it, but he didn't act very sorry.
I wished he would have shown some remorse but he didn't.
To pay for the $6 hulu hoop he had to pull 3 small buckets of weeds. 
And no computer for the rest of the day for not coming and telling me immediately and for lying to me that it was an accident. 


  1. I also have a 'sharpener' issue - I have not found any decent pencil sharpeners in Finland. They don't have good ones here. Period. So I would love to know where you got the sharpener, and what brand it is- I will get one on my next trip to the states, or else have one of my sisters send me one.

    And I also totally understand the son with sensory issues, and not feeling 'normal' pain. Maybe he does a little more so now than at some point in the past, but his sensory issues do have impact on certain parts of his life, and as you said, they probably always will. I have seen much progress over the years (he's 12) but in baby steps. I remember one winter evening when we were leaving from a sister's house- we got into the van and I noticed he had blood all over his lips and chin. His lips had stuck to a metal handrail and he pulled them free. He never seemed to notice the pain, tho most of his lips were bleeding. He also loves every sport, and dares to try everything- and (*knock* *knock*) no serious injuries for him yet.

  2. sweet deals!
    my son has a way of saying he did something 'accidentally on purpose' I liken it to wanting to lie, but feeling compelled to tell the truth. (at least I hope so!)

  3. I love reading your adventures, never a dull moment in your world lol
    x x x

  4. I think her hair really does look cute! We need a new pencil sharpener and always have the worst luck with them. Glad you found a keeper!

  5. Yours got off easy with the three buckets of weeds. I would have had mine scrubbing the toilet for a week : )

  6. PS Rachel is starting to look almost like an adult! It won't be long.

  7. I like how you handled the "accident" incident. My older son will often tell me how something happened and I know it is a lie, and sometimes he will then say, no mom, I meant to say x instead, which to me is still a lie because he said the original lie intentionally so he wouldn't get in trouble. So hard to know the best way to handle these situations, but you did it expertly!

  8. Rachel's haircut is super cute. Looks great. You do a wonderful job on the kids' hair.
    We have one of those pencil sharpeners. I grinned when I read the comment about being committed enough to bolt it to the bookshelf. That is the part mine is lacking...still a free floater. I will consider bolting it down. Haha.
    Your consequences for offenses are so fitting. I grapple with being too predictable (read, not creative) and wonder if they go ahead and do whatever, as they know what the 'punishment' will be and it isn't deterent enough to keep them from continuing on. ? Just keeping it real there.
    How is Nolan doing after his surgery? I thought there would be more recovery time. Will he be having other surgeries in the future too, or did this resolve the issue?
    Praying for your sweet family.


  9. I continue to enjoy reading about your beautiful family. Do you all have Aldi's near you? I was just there a bit ago and they have pomegranates for 79 cents each. I don't eat them but they looked pretty.

  10. Oh man, sending empathy your way!! Lying is so hard to deal with, especially when the child continues in his lie or shows little remorse. I've been dealing with that this week with my 12 year old. It shows me that his heart is not right with God and that I need to remind him of God's grandeur, to lift his sights. Ooops must do that for myself first! :)

  11. Smiles? That adorable haircut!
    Trials? Boys and their mischief for sure!

  12. Not sure how you took the seeds out of the pomegranate, but here is a tip that simplifies the process.


  13. We have an Exacto electric pencil sharpener. I love it. Stick pencil in...starts up...little blue light comes on to say when to stop. Quick. Done.

  14. Hi!I love your pencil sharpner.It is simple and not real high tech.I hope it works for you.Pat

  15. Is a hulu hoop the same thing as a hula hoop? Just curious.


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