Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Usually Halloween is by far my least favorite holiday.  To prove my point I had bought nothing up till yesterday in regards to the kids' costumes.  We have a couple of  plastic tubs of costumes and I figured they would suffice.  In the end I went to Wal-Mart and bought some red and black t-shirts, fake mustaches, silk flowers, face paint, and colored hair spray.
I have to admit that helping the kids with their costumes turned out to be a lot of fun.
Andrew, Paul, and Jonny were very happy with their painted faces.  Poor Jonny has poison oak on his right ear so he was not feeling so hot.
Look at Ju-Leah!  (She has poison oak too.)

I feel so bad.  I put this mustache on Oliver after watching Dennis put one on.  He cried when I took it off him because of his rash on his cheeks.  Thankfully he forgave me.

Anastasia was a Southern Belle.
Sveta and Anna were Flower Power Girls.
Oliver allowed this costume on for five minutes.  Then he was done!  Galina dressed up as a gum chewing, wild hair dresser.

Rachel was a cow girl!
Paul was Shrek!  It was such a blessing to see how much fun he had.

Dennis went as Spiderman minus the heels.

Nolan was a little goldfish.  This was his first time trick-o-treating.  He was scared going up to the houses when he heard dogs barking.  Little by little he began to enjoy himself.  
Annalyn was our graduate.
Half of a group photo.
Alex was Tigger!
I took Alex, Dennis, and Nolan to a few house right around our cul-de-sac.  John took the older kids further out into the neighborhood.  Together the kids collected tons of candy.  Rather than each of them have their own stash, we put all the candy together in a big bowl and keep it in the kitchen.  Each day the kids can have a few pieces. 
Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow I am taking 13 kids on a field trip all by myself.
Lord please give me energy and patience!


  1. The boys are funny but the girls are unbelievably beautiful! Every one of them is such a beauty!

  2. Whooooo, look at that candy score! What a beautiful thing about being from a big family, see all your candy all together, must feel like being a king, for a kid!

    Glad you had a good one!

  3. That's quite a stash. If they get tired of it you can always put it away and use it to fill advent calendars : )

  4. Wow, great costumes and huge stash of candy!

  5. I love the costumes! They all look great. Princess Leia is my favorite. Happy Halloween to you all!

  6. Looks like fun! Although I am wondering why as such as staunch Christian you allow your children to partake in a pagan festival?

  7. I am a Christian also and allow my children to dress up in "harmless" costumes and go door-to-door asking for candy. I know a lot of Christians who let their kids dress up. I also let my kids go on Easter egg hunts, which I believe has pagan origins, too. Personally, I would never let my kids dress scary, gross, like devils or witches.I also think it is ok for Christians not to let their kids go out on Halloween. I think all the costumes looked great, Christine, and what a bunch of creative minds.

  8. oh, yeah, one more thing, would love to hear other Christians' take on dressing up for Halloween

  9. I am a Christian and we go trick or treating. I had never heard of Halloween being a pagan holiday till the last few years. To us it is not. My 3 year who is speech delayed could say Halloween like a champ. He would see a pumpkin and would start saying Halloween. He had so much fun. This is the first year the twins have not been sick and could dress up. Their first Halloween was spent in the NICU fighting for their life.

  10. We are a Christian family and used to trick or an adult who became more aware of the "holidays" origins(Pagan roots, devil worshiping etc) i decided we would have "fall celebrations" with apple bakes..Mr potato head pumpkin kits, cider, caramel apples, jumping in leaf piles instead...

    we also homeschool to try and give our very young children(all under 8) the best start with less influence of the negative stuff out there. What I saw in our very nice upper middle class neighborhood in past years was many inappropriate costumes..swearing by older kids, carrying on..drinking by parents.logistically its always rainy here and cold and we have to walk in dark streets with cars whizzing by..not fun at dont miss a bit!

    The argument that "its just a fun day to dress up" concerns me. It is like when non Christians take Christmas which is a very specific holiday celebrated for Christ's birthday and commercialize it to gift giving, going in debt, Santa etc. Not a bad thing...just not the true nature of the holiday. i believe that is how alot of Christians and non believers justify Halloween. " WE are not celebrating it for THOSE reasons"

    Having my kids take candy from complete strangers also sends a very mixed message..and we stress eating non processed whole foods..not gluttony...AND most of that chocolate is harvested by Child slaves in Africa. I cannot find one pleasant thing about the day. My kids have ample opportunity to dress up and play daily.

  11. It is interesting to me, to see such a judgemental comment regarding a Pagan holiday. Christmas, in the way it is generally celebrated, is Pagan. A Christmas Tree, a Yule Log, Christmas gifts, all Pagan in origin.

    But a holiday is what you make of it; a tradition that you feel helps you celebrate your faith, or just a tradition that offers some fun and celebration, hopefully bringing your family closer. So if one feels that celebrating Christmas in the traditional American (Pagan) way is how you celebrate your Christian faith, then who is to say otherwise?

    Same goes for Halloween. We all have different ways of celebrating our faith. If you don't choose a certain way, that's fine. It is not any one person's place to shame or judge another.

  12. I am impressed by the costumes. It looks like a great time was had by everyone who participated. :)

  13. I find it SO funny how many people think Christians shouldn't celebrate Halloween! I'm 25 and this was NOT an issue when I was little (so about 15-20 years ago). I come from a Christian family and dressed as a witch, EVERY SINGLE YEAR because I loved the movie Wizard of Oz. No one cared. No one thought I was going to Hell. It was all for fun. I just don't get the harm. Christine, this is not directed at you at all. I read a few comments on this post and then had to stop. People can be so closed minded. What is so scary about Halloween? Your kid is not going to stop being a Christian because he/she dresses up on Halloween and rings a few doorbells. I love seeing the little kids dressed up. Oliver's costume is soooo cute! I'll stop my rant now and go eat a few Snickers bars ;).

  14. to Chelsea above I wrote pretty clearly the negative influences we experienced while trying to trick or trick in past i don't believe we are necessarily going to hell..not for me to judge...i just don't think exposing my kids to cars speeding past us in dark streets, taking candy from strangers when they are 2 yrs..4yrs 6 yrs, 7yrs..trying to hide them from skimpy costumes and swearing and adults basically tailgating in their driveways...that is what I am trying to shield them from...and we do stear way from gifts at Christmas...a few to celebrate Jesus' birthday as we would anyones bday...

  15. also not sure what a yule log is

  16. Wow to Anonymous said...
    "We are a Christian family and used to trick or an adult who became more aware of the "holidays" origins(Pagan roots, devil worshiping etc) i decided we would have "fall celebrations" with apple bakes" You seem like a very judgmental holier than thou person. For gosh sakes, make your own traditions and don't judge others so harshly. Sounds like your "upper middle class" neighborhood is full of a bunch of people who dress their kids inappropriately in and binge drink. Your kids will probably grow up with serious rebellion against you. If you don't want to create the santa and Easter bunny fantasy that's fine, don't judge others though because they do. And i guess you yourself don't have anything in your house or on your body that came from China, El Salvador...etc. Please, there are pastors that take their kids trick or treating. You sound like such a judgmental hypocrite. I can guarantee you don't walk the straight and narrow like you try and project, if you did, you would be tithing and giving to charity, and adopting orphans or supporting orphans, but I bet you don't do any of those things behind the scenes.

  17. Well - there are certainly a couple of rants here eh? To each his own. Dressing up for Halloween is not going to send a person straight to hell for heaven's sake. I see nothing wrong with the kids doing this - they always have such a good time and I love seeing them come to the door all excited. There were pagen rituals centuries ago, but that has nothing to do with today - in my opinion. Some people just have to lighten up and let the kids have some fun. Yours all looked great and i know they had fun!

    Marilyn from Canada


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