Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Anastasia!
I am amazed at how far you have come in the short time that you have been our daughter.  Wow-- today we celebrated 14 years of your life!  Praise God for all the beauty, innocence, and laughter that makes you who you are.  We love you so very much.

It is a miracle that Dennis let you blow out all your candles by yourself. :)

We got you the cutest baby pig book since you love animals.
I hope you like your new outfits.

Slumber party with your sisters watching movies and eating candy.
Happy birthday again!  Hope your day was special.
Today during our small group the kids found this tarantula in our backyard.  Spooky!


  1. Are you kidding me?! You found that huge spider just hanging out in your garden!? ARGH!! I am glad I live in New Zealand, where the biggest one I have ever seen was about the size of my thumbnail. If I found a tarantula I think I would have a heart attack!

    Happy birthday to Anastasia. :)

  2. Happy birthday, Anastasia! How you've grown and blossomed since we first saw you! Hope your day was awesome.

  3. Happy Birthday to you special teenager :)
    I love the photos of everyone eating their cake together and sharing the moment.
    x x

  4. Happy birthday.

    Hope Nolan's palate is healing well.

  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

    I don't think I could sleep knowing that giant tarantula was outside. That thing is giving me the creeps and I'm 3000 miles away from it.


  6. Happy Birthday Beautiful girl!

    That spider is pretty horrendous!

  7. Happy Birthday, Anastasia! Hope it was wonderful, it sure looks it!

    That spider is hideous! I'm so glad we don't have those here in NY. Wolf spiders are bad enough. :P

  8. Happy birthday Anastasia ! You're beautiful ! I love your new hairdo ! :)
    Much love

  9. Happy Birthday to each and everyone of your kiddos thus far. I found this website that I thought you all might like, since you have a couple of cooks in the house. Very cool Ukranian recipes. Love the cake idea. Maybe for one of the next kiddo's birthday? Enjoy!

  10. Happy Birthday, Anastasia!!!

    You are a BEAUTIFUL young lady!

  11. Yikes!! I guess it could be a learning opportunity, but yikes!!

  12. Happy Birthday Anastasia! You are turning into a beautiful young lady!

    Cheryl in ID

  13. Hi!I love how for each child's birthday you get such unique gifts for your child's special day.Have a wonderful life in your family -birthday girl.Pat

  14. She is a beautiful girl, and her face always glows with happiness! Wishing her the best of birthdays!


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