Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Go Check Them Out!

This is a craft the kids have been doing.  It is fairly simple and the possibilities are endless.
You can make bookmarks, refrigerator magnets, and two of the girls are making a big montage.  
Anastasia made this butterfly.
Nolan had a hard time listening to me this morning.  I told him to play with his toys.  There was no other alternative.  He shouted no to me and threw a mini tantrum.  You better believe I scooped him up and carried him off to his room.  He screamed the whole way but I was pretty sure he was just really tired.  Sure enough-- within two minutes he was fast asleep and slept for three hours.
After two days without hot water, our water heater is finally fixed!  Can you say, "Hot shower!"
A fellow blogger and friend sent me a free sample of Choffy!  Instead of coffee beans they are cacao beans which produce a nice, warm beverage alternative.  Go check out Jill's blog to learn all about this rich, delicious drink and all of its associated health benefits.
Please go check out my friend's blog.  Her and her husband are adopting their first child from Ukraine.
 They are going to be having an auction soon to raise funds for some of the foreign fees.
Please prayerfully consider giving.  And please pray for them.
Lastly, please pray for Selah.  She is an amazing little girl adopted from Ukraine who survived a near drowning when the stroller she was in rolled into the Erie Canal.  I am encouraged by her and her family's strength and I find myself cheering and praying for her often.  Please join me in praying for continued miracles for this precious little girl.


  1. Thanks for sharing about Selah! ♥

  2. Wanted to share what I think is a great tip for quilling. One of the moms in our 4-H group taught this to the kids and, to come up with lots and lots of less expensive materials, she figured out that the strips that came out of her paper shredder worked very well. Knowing how my ONE kid goes through craft supplies, I figured you might want to try this idea, too. Ann

  3. please come and join
    thank you

  4. Selah and her family live very close to where we do. I remember reading about the accident in our local newspaper, very tragic. :( Praying for the family and for little Selah.

  5. I am unsure if you are aware that most cacao beans are harvested by African children by means of slavery. there have been many documentaries as well as one on BBC as well as You Tube video clips. Most of these frail children have lost their parents and have been trafficked into slavery. There are always an abundance of articles esp around Halloween concerning churches and how they are huge consumers of this chocolate as they try to open their doors with maybe a party for the community.

    We don't trick or treat and have been buying only fair Trade chocolate. I only mention this as you seem very passionate about the welfare of children. I thought you would like to at least look at the info!


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