Saturday, October 6, 2012

Four Years Old!

Happy birthday to our son Nolan!  We are so happy that he was born.  We are blessed that he is a part of our family.  It was a joyous day to celebrate with him.  
We went to the park.
The kids especially loved climbing this tree.
Oliver with Julia.  Right after this picture was taken they went on the slide and Julia bumped her poor head.  Ouch.
Andrew high up in the tree.

We brought Nolan's "big" gift to the park so he could ride it.
Nolan's favorite thing about his new tricycle is the little storage bin in the back.
Every time Nolan went down this slide his hair stuck straight up from the static.
The boys were doing flips off the swings.  Even John did it-- but I couldn't watch.
This picture is awesome!  Rachel and Nolan laying on the slide.
After the park we went for ice-cream.   
Oliver made Daddy's hair all nice and sticky with his slobber. :)
William and Sveta enjoying their cookie dough ice-cream.
Paul, Jonny, and Andrew caught in some mischief I'm sure. ;)
Dennis sure enjoyed his ice-cream!
This picture is one of my favorites!  What two adorable little boys!
Nolan was looking forward to this part all day!  He takes singing happy birthday very seriously.
He took his time blowing out each candle one at a time.  He didn't even get mad that a certain brother blew out the last candle.  Can you guess who that was?  Watch the video at the end to find out.
Opening presents was lots of fun.
Nolan took time to appreciate each gift.
It is so sweet to see how much Nolan likes his birthday presents.  As you can see, Dennis does too.
Happy birthday to the cutest, sweetest, funniest, 4 year old!
I just had to include this funny picture.  Dennis meant to embrace Nolan and get a picture of the two of them looking at the camera touching cheek to cheek.  It didn't turn out that way.
Here is a video of Nolan singing happy birthday.  It is so precious.  Watch till the end-- one of the kids will totally surprise you-- they did me!  Too funny! 


  1. Hi!I do not know what to say except so precious.I am sure in the orphanage your older children may remember that a birthday was just another day- no celebration. For some children a birthday meant that they lived another year which is a great feat especially in a country that does not give value to the life of special needs children. Thank God you are there for your children to have a family to celebrate a birthday.Pat

  2. I love the pictures and I especially love the video. All of the kids are so handsome/beautiful.

  3. I think it would be really great if you did a video of the kids talking, I would love to hear if any of them still have accents and such!

    Happy birthday Nolan, you might not know it yet, but you got the best present ever by being blessed with this wonderful family!

  4. Awww, Nolan seriously is so cute and sweet! I love that he is found and in your family! (We see our two we are adopting in 4 hours!!!)


  5. I love your family.
    So blessed to have been able to follow your smiles and trails.
    God bless you all
    Lisa mommytoalot

  6. Happy 4th Birthday, Nolan! It looks like you had a perfect day!

    Christine, I would like to share a couple thoughts that come to me, as I scroll through the words and pictures of your posts. First, thanks again for letting us come along on your journey. I've learned so much from you, in addition to enjoying your blog. You have a truly beautiful family!

    One thought today - wow! Dennis looks so big now, especially next to his two newest brothers! I have to get used to thinking of him as a big boy, not a little one! And I love how he seems to enjoy being right in the middle of the action, as well as having his picture taken!

    Another thought - Rachel seems to be getting prettier and prettier!

    Another - Caleb is one special guy. All of your kids seem to be nurturing towards the littler ones, but Caleb seems to have that extra "tenderness" gene or something - he seems to really enjoy being with, and guiding, the little ones. He is going to make one young lady a very, very special partner!

    Another thought - Galina seems to have blossomed so much since she has been your daughter. She looks more confident, and even more lovely, than when she first came to your family.

    ALL of your kids seem to be great kids (and great looking) - just that different posts seem to cause different kids to pop out at that time. So, hope there will be no misunderstanding - I am so impressed with ALL of your kids, as well as you and John. Again, thank you for letting us tag along on your journey!

    Oh, one last thing - have you already checked out the Homeschool Freebie site ( They post a different resource every weekday. If you are not already familiar with it, check it out - perhaps you will find some things you can use.


  7. Rachel made me laugh. How cute was that?!

  8. Hoping Nolan had a wonderful bday! He looked like he was just soaking up all the attention. How sweet all your kids are! Happy Birthday Nolan!

    Cheryl in ID

  9. Happy birthday, Nolan! I wonder what he thinks of the difference between his life back at the orphanage and life now. It has to seem pretty crazy awesome to get cake and a trike and new toys, on top of all that loving!

  10. Rachel has grown up to be a truly gorgeous girl, i can't believe she ever had any self esteem issues with her looks. You really have a beautiful family


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