Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Quick Break

Lots going on.  As usual.  I had to take a break before filling out 18 pages of new patient paperwork.  I think excessive paperwork is my new pet peeve.  

Our van is still in the shop.  It needs major repairs.  Thousands of dollars worth of repairs.  Not fun.  Lots to think about.  Do we make the repairs or get a different van?  Meanwhile, we only have two vehicles and they don't seat our whole family.  I will be taking the boys to high school again in the morning since I have two doctor appointments to take the kids to.

One of our little boys pushed their little brother off the eagles nest of our play place. Then he blamed his other brother.  Then lied.  Not so nice.  Definitely not fun to deal with.  Thankfully our little one only ended up with a scraped elbow.

The pogo stick we got Jonny for his birthday continues to be a huge hit with the kids.  Not since the trampoline have we seen a gift get so much use.  Now the kids are bouncing with no hands, and Caleb is showing them how to spin the pogo stick in midair.  I joke with the kids that we should get 10 more pogo sticks-- like for Christmas!  Now wouldn't that make my Christmas shopping all the easier? :)

We started our new study with our small group.  I am enjoying it very much.  I was reminded of just how precious God thinks each one of us is.  We should treat others not just based on how we value them or feel about them at the moment, but how God values them.  This holds especially true with parenting our children. Even when we are extremely frustrated by their behavior, we should still treat them with kindness, love, and patience because of how precious they are to God.

This hit home for me.  Convicted me in deep and personal ways.  When one of my children have lied to me, or disobeyed and misbehaved, I tend to be less gentle with them, less patient, and definitely less loving immediately following the incident.  I let my emotions get the better of me instead of remembering that they are precious to God no matter what.
I am still precious to God even when I am disobedient to Him.

I also love the reminder to parent "out of conflict" meaning that we shouldn't always wait to correct our kids when they do something wrong.  Rather, we should teach and encourage them when they do something right.  When you see your child walk down the stairs, tell them how nice it is to see them walking instead of running.  When your child remembers to shut the door behind them, praise them for remembering.  When your child is playing nicely with one of their siblings let them know what a caring, big boy they are to be such a great example to their sibling.   Kids love praise.  And they tend to repeat whatever it is that got them the praise.  This is such a wonderful approach rather than always correcting during conflict.  Why yell for your kids to walk down the stairs?  How often do you want to get up and close the door your kids left open?  What about all the times you have to remind your kids to play nice?

Parenting out of conflict helps find positive ways to teach your child-- which I love!


  1. Oh,do I feel convicted now. Thank you for keeping it real on your blog. I totally agree with praising our children. I do make an effort to do so with my kids. And it does make a difference. As always, I love to read about your family.

  2. Paperwork frustrates me too. The worst it back to school paperwork. You have about 8 different forms. Each one requires name, address, work, phone #'s etc. Why in the world don't they make one paper that includes all the permission forms? Most are one paragraph long--media permission, health room, field trips etc.

    Having so much trouble with the twins taking everyone's special treats right now. Arg. Life a rerun of Adam and Jeff.

  3. I so needed to read this post this morning... Thank you for the reminder :)

  4. Such great encouragement this morning, thank you. To parent as our heavenly Father parents is truly a desire of my heart. I just fail so often...

    I think you SHOULD get all your kids pogo sticks, then they can do synchronized pogo stick stuff and start a new trend. I'll look for the Jumping Jehosaphats on YouTube, k? :)

    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. Dear Christine,
    Thank you for sharing these edifying thoughts.
    It is easy to get into a wrong frame of mind when dealing with chronic situations. This gentle reminder is just the ticket!!
    God bless your day.


  6. Thank you for this today. It was needed.


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