Sunday, September 9, 2012

WE Had SO mUch FuN!

Today we went to Splash Kingdom for a Jeremy Camp and other Christian artists concert.  We had a wonderful time.  We went with three other families from our small group after church.  The weather called for flash thunderstorms so it was overcast keeping the heat at bay.
As we tried to find the entrance I asked the closest person with a park shirt on to tell us where it was.  We got to talking as he noticed our large family, and later he found us and surprised us with VIP passes to meet the different artists and enjoy all the free food and beverages we wanted.  It was a huge blessing for all of us.
Nolan went down the water slide all on his own.  Poor guy smashed his finger in the door yesterday and nearly sliced off the tip of one of his fingers, so I am glad to see him back to his brave self.  I looked online as John put pressure and ice on his finger for nearly an hour and then we wrapped it.  First thing, the bandage came off in the water but that didn't stop Nolan.  He was gentle with his pinky finger holding it up as if he was ready for a tea party-- it was very cute.  Personally, I think the water did it some good.
Dennis enjoyed himself too.  About an hour into our water play both Nolan and Alex bonked their heads but good.  Both ended up with little goose eggs, but they are fine.  The life guard brought some ice.
The river run was a lot of fun.  
I am glad to see that Anastasia had such a good time.  She was so concerned beforehand asking me all kinds of questions about the attractions.  She wanted to know exactly what to expect.
Paul loved the water but was not willing to go on the very tall water slides without John or I.  John took him on the first and second one and after that he was excited to do them all with his siblings!  At one point I was able to sneak away from the little ones to go on a slide with Adam.  I picked the one with the shortest line-- and after going on it, I think I know why the line is so short.  You go down with just your bare body-- hands and feet crossed and at the end I slid across the water so fast it felt like I had an enema.  (Anyone else have that happen to them?) Yuck!  One slide was enough for me!
Taylar and Caleb
Everyone enjoyed the river run.  Even Oliver who is feeling under the weather enjoyed the cool, refreshing water.
Nolan and Anna
Our friends Amanda and Caleb
Dennis was happy that he could touch the bottom.
Amanda's husband Robert with Alex and his son Aiden.

Taylar with her sister Chelsea
All of us waiting for the concert to start!
As you can see, William was not thrilled to be here.  He so wanted to be back on the water slides.
John and I holding a sleeping Oliver
Jeremy Camp
Adam and I
Alex with our friend Jeremy
I love this picture of Nolan with his hands in the air.
Our friends-- The Jouquin family.


  1. Looks like a LOT of FUN!

    How cool to get the VIP passes.

    :) :) :)

  2. How fun! I love Jeremy Camp!

  3. Looks like so much fun, both the water park and the concert.

  4. How fun!

    What a nice picture of you and John!

  5. Your family looks to be having a great time. And, the park didn't look very crowded!?! Usually when something like that rolls comes to Cincinati, it is very crowded!

  6. Wow! Looked like it was great! I know those water slides, although for me it's the wedgie to fix before you get out that is the worst...Love John's t-shirt! What great living testimonies you and your family are! Love you!
    PS: Finished the book you gave me, gonna have Jerry read it next!

  7. We have some of those at our water park... everyone calls them "the wedgie slides" so you know what you are getting into from the start!

  8. Hi!I have taken my children to an indoor water park in Erie PA. My children love to ride down the long river with a life tube on.I am glad you had fun. Pat

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  10. So fun!!!! I had a free ticket to there! Wish I would have known you were going! I would have given it to you! Such a blessing you all got the VIP Treatment! I bet Sveta had a blast!!!

  11. Wow, what an awesome day! And the VIP passes are so cool. Hearing about the kids hitting their heads made me smile . . . definitely boys. We have daily injuries around here!


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