Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Running Non-Stop Today

Ugh-- what is that ugly looking thing?
Today has been a doozy of a day for me.  Incredibly busy... stressful... hardly a moment to stop and breathe.  I even ate my quesadilla that my girls sweetly made me on the drive over to their voice and piano lessons.
Let me back up a bit.
I knew Alex and Dennis had doctor appointments.  We all slept in a half hour since they didn't have to catch the bus.  We were out of milk so today's breakfast was a free for all.  Fun.  Of course Dennis wanted oatmeal and then wanted waffles when he saw one of his siblings have them.  That made Alex unhappy with his oatmeal too.  As a result it took 1/2 an hour to eat their bowls of oatmeal after having to set the timer.
We barely got in the van at the time we had to leave-- BUT-- we made it.  Then I noticed the gas light on.  Caleb had driven home last night and forget to mention it.
Should I turn left and head to the gas station and be late or should I turn right and drive through the hills and risk it so that I could make it on time.
Without knowing how long the light had actually been on the previous night, I still risked it.  Needless to say the drive was a prayerful and stressful one.  We made it to the appointment on time.
The purpose of the visit was to find another medication for Alex's attention and hyperactivity issues and to get to the root of Dennis' increasing stomach aches.  After talking with the doctor, he agreed to start Alex on Strattera.  And he agreed to have Dennis tested for H. Pylori which is an intestinal bacteria.  I assumed I would be collecting a stool sample and was pleasantly surprised when he pulled out a breath test.  Within 15 minutes the test came back positive.  So we tested for Alex too since he came from the same orphanage.  Sure enough he is positive too.  I was excited to finally have an answer and yet I felt horrible for having this go on for 3 and 4 years undetected.  Thankfully there was a thread about H Pylori on an adoption group that made me do some research on it and think long and hard about Dennis' stomach troubles.  
Three hours later, we left with seven "very expensive" prescriptions and appointments to have the other kids tested.  At least we had answers.
By this time it was too late to take the boys to school and I barely had enough time to run by the house and pick up the girls who had their first day of voice/piano lessons.   The kids are doing music instead of art this year.  After the lessons, we stopped by the pharmacy.  After a half hour of waiting in the drive thru I was told that they had to order some of the medications because they didn't have them.  I kept reminding myself that patience is a virtue as I bit my tongue.  
Then off to the grocery store to stock up on milk.
At home Denis and Alex were bickering and Oliver was fussy.  With homework to still do with Alex and Denis, a few home school assignments to go over, and dinner to make-- I was a little cranky myself.
But we got through it and Alex impressed the pants off of me with how well he wrote his sentences and read to me.  Did I mention that he got 100% on his spelling test last week?
Deep breath.  Tomorrow is already Thursday.  Then Friday.  And a certain little boy is turning six and his birthday shopping is already done.  Praising the Lord for teaching me to take one day at a time.


  1. Hey Christine! Have you guys heard of the movie, 'Father of Lights' that is coming out? We just watched it with our small group and loved it, so inspired! I bet you and your family will love it too!


  2. I read the whole post expecting you to gas up, but you didn't mention that you did! Lol. That is like singing a scale all the way up to the seventh note and then.... Just stopping. ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I think we will have T tested right away when we get home. They keep telling us she doesn't have a good appetite, perhaps that is one reason. Better safe since she is from the same place!

  4. Sounds like a crazy day!! I think you need a vacation!

  5. I have been there with the gas tank issue- Your experience made me smile because I so know that feeling of "should I be late and risk it or get gas." I have never had it be a problem though. We have dealt with H Pyloria with Andrew...He had his diagnosed by a EGD ( endoscope biopsy). He was treated for months before we got rid of it with a variety of meds...So if you want to hear more of our experience you can email me. He also had his pyloric valve constricted because he had it for so long- He would vomit or spit up. He also has GERD. He is much better now and we are glad we went thru it to get him healthy...Hopefully your guys will respond well to the treatment. They all look very happy and content.

  6. It's Dennis' birthday? Oh, Happy Birthday!

  7. Hi!Mothers of large families are alway busy. I try to space doctor's appt. Sometimes I can't help but have many doctor appts in one day.Good luck, Pat

  8. Amazing how you have to be detective and Dr. for these kids, isn't it? But, to be fair, I doubt American doctors see very many of these issues here. Similarly, you are probably the first to need the medicine for H. Pyloria here! But, knowing they have a bug makes a mother's skin crawl and want to GET IT OUT! So, I sympathize with your urgency. We took our children to an international adoption clinic at the local Children's hospital. I sure hope they routinely test for that. Doesn't sound like Alex had any symptoms. Maybe one of your readers could let me know whether I should pipe up about it even though our girls seem ok. They are both stunted in growth from FAS and I sure don't want anything holding them back from absorbing nutrition.

  9. gas? It sounds like you may be getting Alex's meds from a Pediatrician or Internal med Dr...if you can I would really suggest a Psychiatrist as they are the "experts" in all these meds. The one you came home with is an expensive one. We have a son with ADHD/ODD who has been on them all and now moving to the mood stabilizers. There are always the fancy newer drugs, but if you see a psychiatrist they are usually more than happy to give you an older generic version that may work just as well. Our son has a super high metabolism and all those long acting drugs didn't do anything. We have to give him meds every couple hrs, but it's worth it.

    He really should be taking short acting meds first beofre a long acting med is given...w have been at this for yrs..

    wishing you the best!



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