Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nolan and Oliver

Our little Oliver is showing us what he can do more and more each day.  We have been working on signing "more" for the last three days and finally.... finally.... I think Oliver is catching on.  He signed it all by himself today!  Isn't that awesome?  After three days of showing Oliver the sign for "more" after each bite of food, I was beginning to wonder if his stubbornness was going to keep him from learning it.  Then all of a sudden he surprised us!  Now in all fairness I must admit that it isn't the actual sign for "more" but rather him just putting his hands together-- but still!  This is a huge milestone for him!

And guess what else?  He is army crawling all over the place without any prompting!  And not just a little ways-- I am talking across the living room!  All this for a little guy who has only been home 2 1/2 months.  The progress he has made in such a short time just blows me away!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Nolan has croup I think.  He went to the doctor today and his chest sounds clear but he has this hoarse like seal cough that scares him.  :(  At least he is better during the day.  He didn't need any immunizations which is a good thing because the nurse didn't want to make little Nolan cry from the shots like Oliver did the other day.  They both stole the hearts of the nurses at the doctor's office we are going to which is a huge blessing and neither of them like to give precious little ones shots. :)


  1. Thats awesome about the signing. Babies make 'baby talk' signs just like they do when they verbally communicate. Makes sense, right? My daughter did too. Also I had to remember to really look for her signing for the same reason, it was more floppy. :-) and I wouldn't notice she was signing. After a while we got it together. :-) Brings back fun memories.

  2. Hi Christine, my son had croup cough, too. Our pediatrician said to give him homeopathic medicine which worked well for him. The medicine was "Spongia" globules. I must admit I live in Germany and I buy globules at the pharmacy. Perhaps your pediatrician works with homeopathic medicine as well. When Nolan's voice becomes hoarse and/or when he starts coughing and gasping for air it helps to steam up the bathroom by opening all hot water faucets and letting the hot water run. The moist air helps him breath and relaxes the bronchial tubes. I'll keep Nolan in my prayers. My son grew out of croup by the time he was 10. Best wishes, Sibylle

  3. Google the Baby Signing Time DVD's. My son learned to sign that way. We'd watch together and I could reinforce it for him. He loved it :)

  4. God bless their little hearts.
    I may not always comment, but am always following up. These two youngest have done so well with your lovely family.
    I wish.. I really do that (and i know you wouldn't do it) but a real reality t.v show was about you all. Because imagine how many other people you can touch with your wonderful outlook on life and a nice beautiful christian family needs to be portrayed. So much garbage on. And I know the Duggers are Christian but to me and i am not judging, i just think it's been commercialized .
    and that is my rant.
    May God continue to bless you and your family,
    In Christ
    Lisa mommytpoalot

  5. Hi!Oliver and Nolan are so cute and developing so fast.It is wonderful to see what a loving family can do in a life of a past orphan.Pat


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