Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's That Season

Pomegranate season-- enough said. :)
The arials from our tree fruit are very translucent in color.  They were sweet but not very tart.  I did break down and buy a pomegranate at the store so the girls peeled that one and mixed the two.  
What a nice treat!

Annalyn says this is method acting.  She wrote up a contract and had me sign it.  It holds her accountable to this dressing up.  To show my confusion I signed it, "Me the Mom."
Tomorrow she is supposed to be a cow girl and then Michael Jackson.
I am not sure I know who this strange girl is.  :)

Mr. Happy Oliver had just moments before barfed spit up in my hair.  Though Julia try as she might she only succeeded in mashing it in my hair.  I need a shower.
Still, he is absolutely scrumptious.
I. am. in. love.
Baby in the house and we are all loving it!
Look at him stand!
Oliver is finally able to differentiate between us and people outside our family.  He prefers us and is beginning to show it by pushing away someone else's hand or turning around to ignore them.  He used to go to anyone happily and now he doesn't.
This is so awesome.  It is a great sign.
Speaking of sign-- Oliver definitely signs "more."
And he plays ball with us.
And he is trying to verbalize with us more by using a particular whine when he is not happy.
It is amazing to see the progress he is making everyday.
If I don't jot them down as I remember them, I will surely forget as he keeps learning new things.
Our compost pile in our new planter box is growing cucumber and potato plants.  It's pretty cool that we didn't have to do anything and we have these sprawling plants.  Julia harvested enough green beans for us to have them for dinner tonight.  They were so tasty.
Galina and a few of the other girls set pavers on the side of the house.  They did an awesome job!
John took a load of old metal chairs to the dump in an effort to get our yard ready for small group to start tomorrow.   Jonny, Rachel, and John all came home sporting bright orange vests.
We will be starting Growing Kids God's Way.
Three October birthdays are coming up.
Is it horrible of me to feel a little burned out on birthdays at the moment?
I love my kids and enjoy doing something special for them, but just thinking about three birthdays in the next month is a little overwhelming at the moment.
I think that is why I keep dreaming of doing one big party a month.
Now that I can do. :)
I am so open to suggestions that will help make birthdays easier.


  1. Christine, in such a large family, I think I'd opt for a celebration of the month. Maybe give a gift on the specific birthday, and then have a cake or out to eat on one occasion during that month to celebrate.

  2. We have definitely combined birthday parties over the years.

    We have 5 birthdays in 1 week in January . . . 2 in August . . . 3 in September (the rest spread around the year).

    We have also not done "kid parties" for each child every year. Some years they get a Family Birthday Dinner. Some years Mom & Dad take the Birthday Child and 1 friend out to dinner and bowling (or another activity of choice).

    It's always worked for us

    mama of 12

  3. Hi!I am glad Oliver is learning some signs as he learns more signs he will be able to communicate better .He is a little pumpkin.Pat

  4. I would do a main birthday party a month. We have 3 Aug birthdays...on the heel of a July bday...We had a party for me, and the boys. A family party with grandparents/cousins etc. We gave small gifts on actual bday and they get to pick dinner/dessert. Our kids are all very young still....under 8yr..

    I guess it depends on if you do a party/cake in any fashion.I would just do it once. Then try to fit in a special meal or outing. Our 7 yr old went putt putting and go carts and the 4.5 yr old sister went too..I stayed home with the babies :) Win Win, Win..

    I can't imagine trying to do 4 separate "birthdays"..Depending on the ages of the kids you could just do say 2 separate meals if four is too much to plan and think about. have an older paired with younger and one picks the entree and the other dessert..assuming eating at home.

    And if you do a "fun" outing maybe divide "older/younger" kids or "boys" or "girls" .
    Say "girls" go get a manicure one day that month and "boys" go to say Go carting/paint ball etc...

    Hope this helps!

  5. Why not do one big birthday a month and on their individual birthday give them a small treat? Find a small pumpkin and place a candy bar, writing utensil, other small trinkets and give each child that on their birthdays.

  6. I enjoy reading about your littlest man as there are similaries with ours. Ours is the only kid I know...who can vomit/spit up on all of us...and everyone, including those with weak somaches, just keeps coming back for more cuddles and loving. He is just that special to us. It's so clear...Oliver is one of those also! :) Blessings, Jennifer

  7. Do one big birthday bash a year and on the kids actual birthday give them a small gift and let them pick the dinner.

  8. The Jeubs, who have a family your size do a once a year birthday bash where they invite everyone they know, 100 or more people. Then on the kids actual birthday they do simple things like breakfast in bed and whatever they want to eat for dinner with a homemade cake and presents.

  9. Maybe it's time for the "bigs" to do the parties for the "littles". It's a great lesson in planning and time management and fun! Give each one a present and special dessert on their day. The present from Mom and Dad and the dessert from the siblings.I'm just thinking outside my box here.

  10. You are so blessed and such a blessing! Please continue your blog, as God is speaking to me, through your family, in deep ways. You are His hands and feet! Thank you all so much!


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