Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Friday

An end to a busy week.  Yay!
The van had to be towed to the dealership.  I'm dreading the estimate that probably won't come till Monday.  It is going to be a fun day taking multiple trips to the clubhouse for Jonny's birthday party just to transport everyone.
After lots of research, Caleb let me bible thump his cyst just a little while ago.  One thump and it's gone!  Only time will tell...
Oliver is eating more and more table food.  He finally likes mashed potatoes.
Alex has had his third good week in a row at school except for the one day he told a girl he was going to kill her because she didn't want to play with him.  :(  I wonder when he will be able to understand that just because you can say something like that playing sword fighting or good vs. bad guy doesn't make it okay to say in real life.  The vice principal handled it very well I think.
Dennis informed me this evening that he is a good citizen.  His teacher said so.
Grandma and Grandpa are here for a visit.

A few other tidits from our week.

Three of the girls had me cut their bangs.
I burned a pot of squash.
I ran out of cream of wheat for Oliver and have forgotten to buy it on three different grocery trips even with it  written on the list.  (How did I manage that?)
We got legos from two friends.  Thanks Chenning and Pam!  You guys rock!


  1. LOL.... I burned broccoli in a pan I was steaming it in.... Yikes... the stench and the pan....

  2. Do your kids play with Bionicles? We have quite a lot of Bionicle pieces...

  3. Dear Christine,
    Well, our little Lithuanian fireball one-ups your Dennis. She had a 1 hour meltdown (she's 7) because the friend she scratched (or choked?) on the playground refused to speak to her for the rest of the day. It's a fine line to walk, between a heartless, "Well, that is what happens when you hurt your friends" and, "I know it makes you sad when your friends are angry with you." So hard to be sympathetic when you want to shake them and say, "what did you think would happen?" But, of course, if thinking were involved they wouldn't be in this position, now, would they! The sad thing is that they were just left to their own devices at the orphanage and there's just such a ton of re-training to do. Even though you got Dennis at a younger age, you are fighting a whole lot of bad stuff in the past.
    God bless! Sherry

  4. Oops, on that last comment I was mixing your boys up. It was Alex who treated the friend badly whose action I was responding to, not Dennis. Sorry!

  5. My dad has a ganglian (that name is definitely not researched on my part, but that's what he always called it!) on the back of his hand and it comes up and down. When it's up it is a big bump that is a little tender to touch (if I remember correctly) and he does the same thing. He can hit it with a book and it spreads back into his hand. It doesn't make it go away, he always has it just sometimes it is down in his hand and sometimes it is up like a big bump. Sometimes it will stay down for just a few months and sometimes he goes many years without having it reappear. If you leave it alone it will eventually go down on its own but my dad always hits his to make it go down quicker. Glad it worked for Caleb, if that's what it is, which it sounds like it is, its nothing to worry about as far as I know.

  6. Bible hump a cyst? How?

    Maybe Alex shouldn't say that when playing either? We had a similar issue with one of our now 9-year-olds, and we totally cut back on what is allowed to be said during games. Just an idea that worked for us--not saying it should be followed by everyone.

  7. Hey Christine!
    I, too, have had a ganglian cyst. My chiropractor smashed it w/ a book and it's never been back. Love that you used the Bible! Anyhew, my friend's child had one too, and they decided to surgerically remove it... they are still having issues w/ it. Mine is fine and if it ever came back ( mine completely broke up and left) I wouldn't hesistate to 'book it' again.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I maybe would have let someone smash my ganglion cyst with a bible, but I heard my sister's scream when my dad hit her ganglion cyst. I was on the 3rd floor, they were on the first floor. I lived with mine until there was pain shooting up my arm, and surgery then took care of it. By then, it was infected! So, that's that.

  9. Hi!Oliver is so cute and is really developing.He is so lucky to have parents who really care able his progress and wanting him to be as independent as possible. If he remained in the Ukraine he would have no life at long and may never the reached adulthood due to lack of medical care.Good luck, Pat


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