Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's All Good

The weekend is over.  It ended on the nicest note-- dinner with our small group.  I'm not sure how we got so lucky but we seriously have the greatest group of friends.  What a blessing!  

Oliver is starting to push up with his hands when he is on his belly as if he is getting ready to crawl.  And he played with Caleb our friend's little one year old boy.  This was so cute because it was the first time he seemed to notice another little boy his size. :)

I participated in Paul's IEP meeting and it went great.  He will continue to receive help in the areas that he needs it and I didn't even have to fight or raise my voice.  Since we began homeschooling a month ago he has made so much progress.  I am so thrilled just thinking about all he will learn by the end of the year.

We have two more October birthdays coming up-- Nolan and then Anastasia's.

Today I bought stain, knobs, and pretty fabric to decoupage on an old dresser.  I am hoping to turn something from shabby to chic.

Are your kids dressing up for Halloween?  If so, what are they going to be?  Did you sew the costumes?  What are some good ideas for teens?


  1. Sounds like you're pretty busy...just like us. LOL. When I was a teen my brother and I did some interesting costumes...what about a pair of dice? Just some boxes big enough to go around, painted white or black with spots and arm holes with a white or black hat. Some of the big ones around here last year were gypsies, 80's roller girls with lots of neon and big pouffy hair do's. Not sure what Oksana will decide to dress up as but my little guy has picked batman from his dressup box. :)

  2. Hi!Our church sometimes has a party so the children can have a Christian celebration with their friends in a safe environment.Pat

  3. We are going to Disney this coming weekend and one day the kids are all dressing as pirates and going on Pirates of the Caribbean. I buy costumes after Halloween for 50% off and try to look for ones that might be able to be worn for something else (like Disney). There wasn't one in Jasmine's size though so we will put one together. She didn't want the store kind anyway. So trying to figure out a look--maybe just black pants and white shirt with a wide belt.

  4. My kids go to BSF on Monday nights. Last year Halloween was on Monday. My hubby decides that we would go ahead to BSF. So the 3 who went to BSF went, and I had one left at home with me. We handed out candy and watched a movie. It was so nice, and much less expensive. This year we have decided to forgo Halloween again. With the promise that I will provide them with candy, my kids are agreeable to just stay home and hand out candy. I'm so excited!!

  5. We don't do Halloween. I have told the kids that they get all the candy they need...We usually go get supper.

  6. We have never celebrated Halloween, BUT... when our boys were younger and Bush was Running against Clinton, our boys begged us to let them put on suits with masks and campaign buttons, and then go door to door and do a comedy routine of Bush and Clinton arguing over campaign issues.
    I think they were a hit. :)

  7. I think it is all good fun and love the holiday, although I steer clear of gruesome stuff. Had one boy be a ninja for like 10 years! Now, our 7 yo who was a princess last year for her 1st trick or treat night wants to be spiderman-girl. Struggling with whether to let her wear a boy costume or try to make one over! Worse, she seems somewhat gender confused; I think they treated boys & girls all the same in the babyhouse. So, maybe caving to her wish would be detrimental...who knew a simple costume could be so complex? LOL!


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