Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Four LIttle Boys

Every Tuesday evening it is just me and my four littlest boys.  The first week is was a bit of a challenge. Entertaining them all by myself when they are used to having lots of brothers and sisters around took some getting used to for them too.  But now it is a piece of cake for the most part.  
Oliver loves mirrors.  He loves to look at himself for as long as I'll let him.  He enjoys watching himself play with toys.  He loves kissing himself.  He enjoys banging on the mirrors.  And just tonight he began rolling from one mirror to the other.  Absolutely precious to watch him explore new things.
Tonight I tried to get some pictures of the boys.  I'm hardly the photographer but thankfully the boys are photogenic!
Oliver eats up being the center of attention.  He thinks he is a big boy too.
He tries his darnedest to carry on a conversation with his big brothers.
This picture is priceless.  Nolan was trying to tell Oliver to stop acting so crazy.
And now Oliver is talking to Alex.
Sweet brothers just hanging out before their bedtime story.  Tonight I read them Danny and the Dinosaur one of my all time favorite childhood books.
What is your favorite childhood book?


  1. Love the pics! Enjoy your Tuesday nights with the boys.

    :) :) :)

  2. I have several beloved books. The Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren, The Moomins books by Tove Janson and several books of Lithuanian authors (doubt if they are translated into English:() are among the best ones.

  3. Gillespie and the Guards

  4. Hi!My children love Thomas The Train.Pat

  5. The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton and The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

  6. I used to read Danny and the Dinosaur to Tyler all the time. Wonder where it went. Maybe it's in his keepsake bin because I've never read it to the twins.

    Have you seen "Goodnight iPad" which is a take off of Goodnight Moon?

  7. LOVE Danny and the dinosaur! Am reading it to my class of three year olds when we do Dino's in 2 weeks.

  8. Your boys are beautiful and so are you! I'm sure raising them has it's challenges but I think you and your husband are doing a fantastic job. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you guys are up to every day.

  9. Mike M. is always a fav. These are very good books and you can get them used on Amazon. The * is for very little children. I also like the ones with no words so you can tell the story yourself and adjust for age and intrest of your audience.

    *Wise, M:The golden egg book

    *Wise, M: Home for a bunny.

    Cameron, P: I can’t said the ant (good rhymes)

    Collington, P: Angel and the soldier boy(no words good illustrations)

    Boada F:Princess and the pea (good illustrations)

    Kennedy, J: Teddy bears picnic-(good illustrations)

    *Shields, D: Food Fight!(good rhymes)

    Zemach,H: Mommy, Buy Me a China Doll (memory)

    DiNoto, A: Star Thief (good illustrations)

    Wright, D: Lonely doll (series)

    Elizabeth Upham:Little Brown Bear (series)

    *Lobel, A: Toad and Frog books (series no words)

    *Pat The Bunny (wonderful for very young and babies)

    Minarik, Else Holmelund:Little bear books

    Sendak, M: In the Night Kitchen (good illustrations)

    Joslin, S:What do you say dear.(series)

  10. One of my favorites was, and still is, The Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown.

    Love your boys!

  11. I thought of some more. I have always loved books and in fact became a librarian. Wouldn't you know my daughter turned out to be too active to like being read to. I still have all the books though saved through the years of kids in the family.

    Some of these are a little old for very little kids, so for them I tell the same story but use easier words and make the story quicker, and make it mean something to them -make the character have their name for instance.

    I recently found these gems

    Sibylle von Olfers: Mother Earth and Her Children: A Quilted Fairy Tale

    Nancy Tillman :On the Night You Were Born

    and of course
    Madeline (series)

    Curious George (series)-I read this so many times to my nephews I used to change the story to see if they could tell

    Babar the elephant (series)

    Potter, B: Tale of Peter Rabbit, Tom Kitten, etc

  12. I have never commented before, but I couldn't resist today. They are just too cute!

    Having a relative who has Down syndrome, I know some of the challenges associated with caring for these special people, yet even more I know the contagious and exuberant joy that flows out of them.

    I am thankful to you and your husband for caring for these little boys(and all of your children),showing them what Jesus' love looks like. You are an inspiration. I hope someday to be able to follow your example in many ways.

    Praying for both of you to be strengthened and given even more grace to continue to live out your calling victoriously and peacefully. God bless!

  13. PS. Your four little boys are absolutely and perfectly beautiful!

  14. I loved Danny and the Dinosaur too, but my absolute favorite was "Two Good Friends" by Judy Delton. :)

    Looks like fun with all the little guys home!

  15. Custard the Dragon, which, thanks to you, I will be able to read it myself now! Thank you for mentioning it on your blog, Christine!

  16. I Love You Forever is a wonderful book especially for adopted kids! Also, my kids loved Goodnight Moon. Love the pics!

  17. Officer Buckle and Gloria

  18. These pictures sure accentuate the "special" in "special needs". Blessings to you and your family!

  19. LoVe the pictures! I loved to read as-child (grade 5 onwards if i recall correctly) and still do. Right now dd and I are reading Ramona The Pest. I loved that whole series. Dd thinks it's so comical I'm giggling so hard that i can't continue reading out loud. I see it all happening and perhaps it's even more comical to read these books with an adult perspective. It's like I'm discovering them again in a new way. Neat. Dd says we should read the book because she likes to see me laugh :-)
    MariaG (Canada)

  20. My personal favorite childhood book was The Boxcar Children, which is a chapter book but so fun to think of being independent as a child. For read aloud to little ones, Dr. Seuss' ABC takes the cake. I went to a law school reunion & folks started talking about how their reading tastes had "changed," and by the end of the conversation one person started in with "Big A, little A" and the whole table chanted, "Aunt Annie's alligator, A,A,A!" I think it was the book that finally got my Lithuanian daughter's attention enough to get her to stop and read a story with me...had to get past the aversion after years of sitting on potties with ladies' magazines waiting for everyone to do their business at the orphanage. Talk about how to learn to hate reading!
    Enjoy the stories,

  21. Your boys are adorable. I just love how happy Oliver is. He's a beautiful child.

  22. My mother used to say that she had Green Eggs and Ham memorized because of me!

  23. I have very sweet memories of my mother reading The Little Raccoon and the Thing in the Pool and Tikki Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo . . . Has Fallen into the Well.

    My favorite bedtime books to read to my own kids: How Does a Cow Go to Sleep?
    It's the BEAR!
    Fix-it Duck
    Frog and Toad (the one about the cookies up on the shelf is my all time favorite. Oh, or the one about Toad not wanting anyone to look at him when he hops in and out of the water with his bathing suit on.)

    Love the pictures of the boys talking to one another!

  24. I always love how you love your children. You are amazing. Thank you for blogging through your journey, you help so many people.


  25. I really enjoy Kevin Henkes. He is the author of Chrysanthemum, Sheila the Brave, and Wemberly Worried. He's written quite a number of others that I like as well. I also like Shirley Hughes too. She's the author of all the Alfie and Annie Rose books as well as David and Dog (that book also is called Dogger depending on which edition you are reading)

  26. I loved reading Sesame Street's "The Monster at the End of this Book", using Grover's voice. I also liked reading "Alexander and the No Good, Very Bad Day".


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