Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dennis is Six Years Old

This past Friday was a most special day. We helped Dennis to celebrate his 6th birthday!  He is such a big boy-- unlike previous birthdays--he had been talking about and planning it for a few months now.  He is so sharp and very in tune with his surroundings.  He had even asked about me taking cupcakes to his class.  Too bad our school system doesn't really allow it anymore-- there are so many rules about calories and all things having to be store bought.  I probably wouldn't have even been allowed in the classroom since I wasn't fingerprinted by them.  So I told him that we had something extra special planned after school-- and I didn't lie!
We all went to Chuckie Cheese's also known by a few of my kids as Chuckie Cheddar's. :)
All the kids brought their report cards and scored a handful of token plus I had coupons scoring us another 400 tokens.  To top that off the birthday kids (Anna just turned 14) got another 15 tokens.  As you can imagine everyone had a blast!  
Sveta and Anastasia took turns watching each other play Guitar Hero.

Our friends joined us too.
All the kids decided to combine all of their tickets to get Dennis something really cool for his birthday.
Galina and Annalyn enjoyed playing Skeeball.
Here is Jonny folding up his tickets.
Dennis loved having his handful of tokens to do whatever he wanted.  I remember when he was just 2 and we came here and he was afraid of everything.  Not anymore!
Dennis waited patiently to blow out his candles.

Right when we finished singing he blew them all out!
Dennis loves to dress up-- the fancier the better.  He especially loves to look like his Dad.  He was so thrilled to get this shirt and tie.

Happy birthday Dennis!  
You rock!  I remember when we first met you.  You were a fragile little guy who needed lots of love.  Over the past four years-- a dozen surgeries-- and five birthdays we have fallen in love with you more than words can express.  We have been incredibly blessed to be part of your transformation into this happy, strong, smart, sweet, handsome young man.  Thank you for being you!

Dennis and I ready for church.  He asked his Dad and his brother Caleb to dress up in a tie too. :)


  1. Dennis has been such a blessing, to your family and mine, as we watch him grow and thrive. His smile never fails to make me smile too. Your family is beautiful, Christine, and I think you are doing an amazing job. Thank you for sharing, and tell Dennis that a mommy and some kids all the way in New York wish him a happy happy birthday!!!


  2. What a wonderful update on Dennis!
    Happy Birthday Dennis! He is so grown up!
    His expression was priceless seeing his shirt and tie. :)
    What a blessing that all the kids gave him their tickets.
    Great day! Definitely a SMILE! :)

  3. Felicidades Denis ........ Eres un campeón , cuanta alegría da verán el chico tan guapo que te estas convirtiendo, un gran beso desde España

  4. That last picture just melts my heart. Happy Birthday, Dennis!

  5. He looks so cute! Maybe a toy briefcase for Christmas? : )

  6. Happy birthday to a very special boy! How he's grown over the past (four?) years! I remember how scrawny and tiny he was when you brought him home the first time and to see him bloom like this, well, it makes me smile. :D

    The photos are awesome. I especially like the one with Nolan clapping in the background and both Dennis AND Alex surprised over the shirt and tie. Love it!

  7. Happy Birthday handsome boy!

  8. Happy Birthday Dennis! You know, I've been following your blog since you started the process to bring Dennis home. I've always known what he looked like prior to your adopting him, but I guess I've forgotten. Dennis' light shines through in every picture, even though he looks amazingly different now, he is the same stunningly beautiful boy! So glad he found your family.

  9. Happy Birthday, Dennis! Big 6!


  10. He looks so handsome and grown up in the shirt and tie. Definitely a good look for him.

  11. Looking back at that video it is really hard to believe this is the same boy. You have been so good for this lovely boy - and he for you too. Happy Birthday Dennis!!! He is one handsome boy :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  12. Happy birthday, Dennis!

    (The shirt and tie photos are TOO CUTE! He looks so grown up!)


  13. Wow! What an amazing young man he has become! I love everyone pitching in their tickets for his present too!

  14. Dennis is such a handsome, joyful young man!

  15. And a Happy Birthday to sweet Dennis from Finland, too!! :) I have also followed his progress since you adopted him, and often one of our children will be sitting by me when I am reading your blog- they are also excited to see Dennis' progress and photo updates! We learned of Reeces Rainbow thru your blog, and we (kiddos and I) often dream of adopting someone. But our situation (international life) makes it quite impossible to actually adopt. Your family is amazing!!

  16. Oh my!! Look how handsome :) I love his face when he saw his shirt and tie..... priceless!! Happy Birthday Dennis!

  17. Happy 6th Bday to Dennis! Hope it was really happy!

    Cheryl in ID

  18. Dennis looks so grown up, adorable, and charming in his new tie and dress shirt! He looks like a young man :)

  19. Happy late birthday to Dennis! (just catching up on your blog after being away from the internet for a few days.)

    Love the picture of Dennis and Alex with the shirt and tie - who knew two little boys would be so excited over such a gift! ;)

    What precious pictures of you and Dennis! He is so handsome! :)


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