Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Birthday!

Happy birthday Anna! I can't believe you 14 years old! And let's not forget the fact that this month marks seven years of you being our daughter. That means that next month you will have been with us longer than you haven't.  We love you so much!

For Anna's birthday she asked if all of us could go out for pedicures and manicures.  So on Saturday afternoon the eight of us went out for the day-- me with my seven daughters.
Anna went first and since she was the birthday girl they gave her free nail art.
Rachel, Julia, and I chose pedicures while all the other girls chose to have their nails done.

The lady doing Sveta's nails told her that she had very sexy hands.  (??)
Annalyn had her nails painted like little bumble bees.
Anna chose bright pink.

After our nails were done, I took the girls out to lunch to McDonalds because it was next door.
We took these pictures of our nails while waiting for our food.

We all agreed that our girls' day out was the best and that we should do it at least once a month.  Maybe.
I love this picture of the two of us.  As I look at it, I still can't get over how much she has changed.  Just take a look at when we first met her.  She was the cutest little munchkin ever and whether or not she likes it she will always be my cute little munchkin. :)
After lunch we did a little shopping and then I took the girls cruising.  The windows were rolled down and the song I like to "Move It Move It" was blaring.  We honked and waved at people.  I drove to the skateboard park where they got out and danced crazily around the car.  They had a blast!

I am so glad she likes all her new clothes.  Immediately she had a sister wanting to wear some of them. Oh the joys of sisterhood. 
While we were out, Adam made Anna's birthday cake.
As Adam put the candles on the cake he had considered putting them all around the edge so that it would be hard for her to blow them all out, but he didn't.
You should have heard Dennis and Nolan singing.  It was adorable.  
Look at those cheeks!
And she huffed and she puffed and she blew the candles out!
Anna, it is a privilege to be your Mom and Dad-- thank you for who you are growing up to be.


  1. She shares a birthday with my oldest who also turned 14. :)

  2. I adore your blog. You are doing such an awesome job. It might say this somewhere but are all your children adopted? Are you able to share what happened to Dennis's eye? Thanks for sharing your amazing life. Believe it or not, I once had dreams of doing what you are doing.

  3. It sound like you had a fun time :) you make me want to have a few older daughters :) Happy Birthday Anna! God Bless you!

  4. Anna is growing more & more beautiful!

  5. Hi!I think it is great to have time with your daughters .Before you know it they will be gone and starting their own lives. I take my daughters every couple of months to a beauty salon and have a special salon treatment done on them .It is a great mommie and me activity. Also time away from the boys- a truly woman thing. Pat

  6. A very Happy Birthday to Anna!

    Cheryl in ID


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