Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Little of This... A Little of That

Oliver is starting to eat more and more solid foods.  I gave him a big oat cereal wheel to chew on as Caleb watched him to make sure he didn't choke.  A second after this picture was taken Oliver shoved the whole thing into his mouth and Caleb had to quickly retrieve it. 
This past Saturday the kids gave up all things electronic including tv for one week.  I had my reasons and surprisingly the kids took the news really well.  Even I have cut back on the computer to about an hour a day.  They have found some fun ways to entertain themselves.
Here is Annalyn, Rachel, and Galina dancing around the kitchen because I allowed music from the radio.  (These three daughters recently had a conversation about their previous adoptive families.  We all talked openly, but it was touching to see the closeness they especially share because of their past.  As their Mom I feel there is a fine line between getting their feelings out and dwelling on the past.   At this point in their lives the best thing they can do is move forward and thankfully they agree.  They have learned so much about relationships over the past few years.)  
Adam and Caleb are hanging out with Dad right before bed.  After I took this picture, John went up to bed because he had to get up early for work and I hung out with my two oldest sons.  As Caleb and I joked around he said, "I be trickier than Halloween!"  For whatever reason I found that incredibly funny and busted up laughing.  Ohhhh how laughing is truly the best medicine.  The Lord sure blessed us with the gift of laughter.  I really don't do it enough.  I take things way too seriously and don't spend enough time with the kids doing nothing but just hanging.  It was nice.
The middle and younger boys except Oliver who we are trying to keep the legos away from have been very creative with them.  So many things have been built and rebuilt.  To surprise the boys, I bid on a lot of legos on Ebay and actually won!  They should be coming in the mail in a few days.  Julia has been teasing me with stories about Oliver having a lego in his mouth because she knows how concerned I am about his swallowing one.
Anastasia, Rachel, and Galina looking radiant.
Julia writing a love note for her Daddy's lunch.  When I found out she was doing this, I was touched.  This is something I used to do with the kids a long time ago.
Imagine my shock to walk around the kitchen counter and find this doll on the floor.  I thought it was Oliver at first!  I jumped back because we don't let him on the tile floor yet and then saw that it was just a doll.
Nolan's finger is going to be alright.  He is using his hand more and more.  See-- here he is giving Oliver a great big hug which Oliver didn't much appreciate.
Tonight John took all the kids to Bible Study Fellowship except for these four.  It is just me and my four youngest boys.  I can't believe how much work they are when they don't have siblings around to help entertain them.  I may have a lot of kids, but someone who just has little ones has it a whole lot harder!  My hats off to you.  Sooo.... I decided to entertain them with a bubble bath.  That and then a Max and Ruby episode-- yes-- I cheated on the no tv rule-- and then a book about a dragon named Custard.  Anyway, the bubble bath was a mixed bag.  As you can see Oliver absolutely hated it.  He couldn't figure out what the white stuff covering his face and hands was.   He was not a happy camper and my dream to get cute, fluffy bubble bath pictures didn't happen.  On the other hand, Nolan loved the bubbles as did Dennis and Alex.
What three cuties!
As you can probably see, Alex has a big rash around his mouth.  It's from the new medication he started last week.  This allergic reaction is rare but it is the same way he reacted to another medicine.  At least since putting two and two together the rash is finally going away as is the swelling-- thanks to Benadryl   .  Tomorrow we go back to our previous doctor who will hopefully prescribe something else to try.
The nerve problem I had going on in my back and legs is doing much better-- praise the Lord.  Caleb has a giant cyst on the back of his left hand.  It is bothering him too.   He will probably have it removed soon.  Hopefully it won't interfere with basketball.


  1. It is so validating to hear you say that just having littles is hard. My 3 have fewer physical needs than your youngest 4, but they are also more mobile than Alex and Oliver. And oh my, they exhaust me.

  2. I clearly remember when I had 6 kids under 6 years old, and mother's of teens would have the nerve to tell me, "You think this is hard? Just wait until they are teens." as if having 6 under 6 was a piece of cake. Seriously. This was said to me multiple times.

    Mothers of young ones use all of their physical energy to parent.

    Mothers of teens use all of their emotional energy to parent.

    Mothers of many (of all ages) use every ounce of every kind of energy to parent.

    So glad to see that your awesome hubby is taking the kids to BSF. We have been doing BSF for about 25 years, and hubby has only missed a couple of those years (always taking the kids with him ever since BSF started the school age program). When our 21 year old attended the Men's Group, he introduced himself by saying, "Hi. I'm Jeremiah, and I've attended BSF for 15 years."

    I hope your time with the Little Guys each week becomes a truly BlESSED time.

    Laurel :)

  3. I imagine having t=no electronics for a week is just as hard on you as it is on the kids. I only have 2, but since school has started I have said no tv if you get a bad conduct report that day, and you have to finish homework first. It's so easy to turn the tv on and let them plop down for an show or 2 so i can make dinner without them arguing abotu this or that.

    I have also started a sort of low tech thing myself. I found facebook to be such a needless distraction for me so I took if off my phone and haven't looked at it once on my computer this week. So liberating.

    But, still like checking out a couple of my favorite blogs including yours! BTW-LOVE the lego village your boys made!! My oldest is really getting into legos. There are the duplo legos Oliver could play with and not fit in his mouth.

  4. Lego is my number one concern with Dominic, too! And all our floors are tile, so that's another worry. It is definitely easier to have little ones with an older kid or two to help out. My big boys are just 5 and 6, but they are amazing helpers and I really appreciate them!

    As usual, your kids are awesome. :D Sorry Oliver didn't like the bubbles, though . . . maybe if he got to play with a bowl of them first?

  5. It's hard when you're the only one entertaining them. That's why my twins ended up going to the end of pre K even though I'd planned to keep them home for bonding reasons. That fulfilled their need to be with a zillion kids like they were used to at the orphanage and then by time we came home, ate lunch, talked about the morning and watched a movie to rest to, Jasmine was home followed later by the older ones.

  6. Hi!The boys are so cute. My sons loved Legos. They are great for hand and eye coordination.Pat

  7. wow sure wish i could meet the kids...

  8. Do any of your children adopted from a disruption keep in touch with friends that they had in their previous homes? I know this might be too personal to share, but it would be hard to just say goodbye forever... Just wondering...


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