Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This Past Week

Nolan is such a happy camper.  He thinks he is such a big boy too!  One of his favorite things to do is to pull our footstool up to the counter to stand on.  Did I mention how much he enjoys hot chocolate?  His mustache looks extra cute.  No more potty accidents either.  Now if I can only teach him to remember to wipe. 3 1/2 is a bit young though so I say that in jest. It will come in time. 
We were given this massager.  The kids love to play with it.  It doesn't even scare Oliver the kids showed me one afternoon.  If you put it on your nose it will make you sneeze they told me another day.   It is so loud I don't know how they can hear the movie.
All summer I have encouraged the kids to find other things to do besides watch movies and play on the computer.  Julia started doing puzzles.  Many of the kids have helped her.  Here she is showing off three of them.
Look at Oliver.  He is our angel.  His smile is addictive-- we cannot get enough of it.  We all love to talk about all of the new things Oliver is learning to do.  He now feeds himself Cheerios.  He eats foods that are unsweetened.  He eats foods that have a little texture.  He opens his mouth when he sees the spoon coming.  He doesn't thrust his tongue out when the spoon enters his mouth anymore.  He enjoys drinking a bottle of baby formula but not unless he is in our arms.  Forget trying to get him to drink one in his high chair-- he will not.  He wants that closeness that he can only get when he is in our arms.  Oliver is starting to cry when I put him down for bed at night.  This is something new.   He wants to be rocked to sleep.  Lucky for him he has plenty of us that love to do this.  However, I am insisting that if he wakes up after being rocked to sleep when we lay him down, he is only to be patted on his back so he can learn to get himself back to sleep.  So far so good.
We made homemade chicken pot pie last night.  The homemade butter crusts were delicious.  I have no doubt that my kids are going to grow up to be great cooks.  Even the boys who helped with dinner tonight.
Galina poked holes on top of the pie crusts to let the steam escape.
We serves all four pies at dinner.  They were placed every four people at the dinner table and one of the kids helped serve up the other kids.  Anna ate half of a pie all by herself-- I would know because I served her. :)
Oliver asleep with Mama.
Here are a few fun pictures I took tonight.  They are evidence that kids do indeed live here.
I am told that this is Nolan's doing.
This is how a few of the boys thought they would leave the peanut butter jar after making their lunches for school tomorrow.  They thought wrong.  And yes, school starts tomorrow-- a whole hour earlier than last year.  Thankfully Alex and Dennis actually went down around 8pm and Andrew and Jonny at 9pm.
This big giraffe was given to us by my Mom.
A few of the girls got in trouble for visiting a chat room they didn't have permission to visit.  One of them went a step further and talked a sister into letting her text a boy.  The boy is definitely after one thing which was evident by their conversation.  After talking to them last night the same daughter whispered under her breath on her way out, I hate this family.  But the Lord is faithful.  He always is.  Praising Him that her attitude was much better today and as we talked more John mentioned that a more mature thing to have said would have been, "I hate what I did."   Maybe next time.
 For now though-- they are grounded so out of boredom they cleaned their room, wrote this sign, and hung lights, and bible verses from their ceiling.
What are telltale signs that kids live in your house?


  1. Stacks of Shoes by the Back Door.

    Never-ending Laundry.

    A Big Dining Room Table.

    A Big Vehicle in the Driveway.

    A Tired Mama.

    :) :) :)

  2. Telltale signs that kids live in our house? The 5000 dusty toys under the couches. Our toilet paper roll is duct-taped to the dispenser.

  3. Oh, and the duct-tape on our couch, from where little people have picked at it.

  4. Wow Christine, your crew is growing in number and age! They are doing incredible! I am so proud of you.

  5. Toys in every room somehow!!
    Messy sinks in the bathrooms
    Shoes all over the place

    It sure looks like your two new sons are doing well :-) Your pictures always make me smile. Can you share your chicken pot pie recipe?

  6. The endless use of TAPE...
    Books everywhere,
    shoes, mount washmore,
    Music, laughter, strange items on the floor, dishes that are never done,
    the magical disappearing fruit, toys on the lawn, a trunk of dressup clothes, and the sounds of a running herd of buffalo at dinner time.

  7. Ohhh....I love that question! I may have to do a blog of my own about it, actually!!

    Tell tale signs that kids live in my home:

    The constant mess I never seem to get a handle on.

    The Angry Birds soap dispenser in the downstairs bathroom.

    The DVR that is full of random things the kids have recorded.

    Windows that I refuse to clean on a regular basis because they get nasty again within an hour. (LOL!)

  8. No signs of kids here, only happy memories of same. But, I commend you for having a house-full of them! My heart is so touched at the sight of Oliver craving being rocked to sleep. Who could be more deserving after his being deprived of this need before he came to his home with you? And Nolan feeling he's at home enough to mess up the peanut butter, oh my, LOL!
    The thing I love the most about your kids is that all are learning to cook well and enjoy it too! Wish I had a couple of them living here so I could avoid food prep, something I don't enjoy. Glad those teen girls have a mom AND a dad to guide them and protect them. ~ Tharen

  9. Oliver is just way too cute! Signs of kids around here...

    A tubful of toys in the bath
    Crumbs everywhere, all the time
    One very dirty sliding glass door

  10. Oh, please share your butter crust recipe!

  11. diapers and wipes
    singing and laughter
    squabbles and attitudes
    legos and stuffed animals
    hungry tummies...all the time
    hugs and kisses

    I love how John and you parent!


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