Friday, August 3, 2012

The Documentary

So tomorrow is the day.  I forgot to mention that our friends are in the documentary “Bringing Them Home: Why International Adoption?” too as well as our stateside adoption ministry God's Waiting Children.  I reviewed the documentary and gosh do we look so young (and so much skinnier- LOL).  The kids have sure grown!

Here are the times:
WNET Thirteen: Saturday, 8/4, 2pm
WLIW: Saturday, 8/4, 3pm & Wednesday 8/8, 4pm
NJTV:  Tuesday, 8/21, 10pm & Sunday, 8/26, 5pm

Thank you for the show of support.  Here is what our friend Paul, the producer had to say.

Dear Friends of The Reed Family,

We have seen from blog comments that some of you are understandably enquiring about our film.
At this time we are restricted from posting online while plans are made for broadcast on more stations in the US and in other countries.  We'll update Christine as things progress and she will share details on the blog.  It's important this film airs in as many cities and countries as possible - sadly this takes time to arrange, but it's worth waiting for!  For those that do see the East Coast broadcast, please do take the time to comment on WNET's website.  For those in other cities, please feel free to contact your local PBS station and make them aware of the film.  We all have to do our part to get this film seen as widely as possible.

Thanks for your help, support and understanding!

Paul & Melissa Buller

Here is the email.


  1. Hey. You might want to suggest that the producers of the film make a website for their film. Tumblr is a free web and social-network site. It has millions of users across the globe. Much like any social network, it has people that "follow" certain topics such as religion, adoption, larg families and the like. Opening a tumblr site with previews, interviews and "asks" would be a wonderful (and free) way to promote the documentary.

  2. The documentary was great, and your family was great!

  3. LOVED it. I thought your part about the haters was SO beautiful. My family was flabbergasted. You and John were eloquent and awesome and your boys are SO precious. Plus I think that every person who sees that will have a new outlook on kids like Dennis!

    The most precious part, which showed how normal international special needs adoptions are, is when Dennis cried because he wanted to go on the bus too. What parent hasn't seen that from their kid before? SO precious.

    As my dad said "you know, he's sitting there nomming on his little snack and you're reminded that regardless of whatever he looks on the outside, he's just like every other little kid!"

  4. What do I need to tell my local PBS station when I contact them to let them know about it??

  5. Please let us know on your blog, when this documentary is available ... somewhere ... so it's possible to see it from wherever we are living! I'd like to see it here in Finland, for example! :)

  6. Hi!Will the production be available for sale to private individuals? Pat

  7. Can u post a link for us to see this? I can't seem to find it anywhere.. Thanks!

    S. Michelle


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