Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some Smiles... and Trials

No pictures today.

Thank you so much to all of you who introduced yourself by leaving a comment the other day.  Reading through each of them as they trickled in were sure a nice treat.  Trust me,  I enjoy your comments as much as you enjoy hearing from me-- so thanks again!

Oliver is army crawling more and more.  When we help him get his knees up under him in a crawling position he will actually push up with his arms as if he is ready to take off crawling.  Too bad he just moves forward without moving his arms and so he falls on his face and tummy.  Don't worry, we are there to break his little fall. :)

Tomorrow Dennis will see the oculoplastic surgeon for a check-up.  I am taking Nolan with me so he can meet him and see if Nolan needs something done with his tear ducts that don't drain.

A few of the kids slept out in tents the other night.

Julia is at family camp this week babysitting.

Nolan has been accident free the last two days.  Before that he was having accidents here and there.  It was usually at naptime or in the morning and I think it was because he was afraid to get up and go on his own.  He would always tell us that he had to go and then expect us to go and help him get on the toilet.  Often times it was too late.  But now that he has learned to get on the toilet himself and I have been encouraging him to go on his own, he is making it to the toilet on time.  I just follow him a minute or two later to see if he needs help and to clap if he has done things all by himself!

Caleb is becoming an excellent driver.

I gave Annalyn and Rachel haircuts.

We were blessed with plenty of wonderful hand-me-downs from 3 different families that will more than supplement the back to school clothes I just bought.   I was shocked to read that parents spend an average of $700 per child for back to school supplies and clothes.  Yikes!  When all is said and done, I will have spent less than the average cost of two children for fifteen of our children.  No new back packs this year, shopping online with promo codes, and giving the older boys a set amount of money and having them buy everything themselves made a huge difference.

William made jello for fruit salad tonight.

Oliver is learning patience at meal times.  He will actually eat veggie baby food with unsweetened rice cereal now.  This is huge since last week he was screaming bloody murder when we gave him a bite of something that wasn't sweet.

There has been a few more trials than smiles the last day or two.   Still searching for the right words to share if I share at all.  Just know that like any family we certainly have our fair share of ups and downs.

P.S.  The little 7 year old boy here in California on a hosting program that needed respite is now with a new family for the next three weeks.  I was told he is doing great!  Thanks!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that here in Las Vegas JCPenney salons are giving away free haircuts for school aged kids in the month of August. Not sure about CA though, but maybe worth looking into. you can even make an appoinment. I took my two kids yesterday and two of my friends kids too. It was great! I am very thankful as both my kids needed haircuts :)

  2. Well, as long as you have more smiles than trials overall you are probably fine :)

    Share or don't, just know that the people who "get it" are priceless and the ones who don't probably have the best of intentions in spite of not having the life experiences one who gets it have - does that make sense? I felt very, very alone during many of our trials over the years and while I would never say I was an expert on anyone else's child, I can most assuredly profess to not judge ANYONE or ANY situation after what I've been thru. Sometimes a little sincere encouragement from someone who understands can go a long way to keeping us up and focused on what's important.

  3. One of my brothers army crawled as a baby, never "normal" crawled, and just went straight from army crawling to walking. Super weird, but he walks fine now (at 16). lol


  4. As per the comment above, free haircuts at JC Penney salongs for kids K-6 the entire month of August! My girls are getting their free cuts tomorrow.

    I can't believe that $700 is the average spent per child on back-to-school. I think we spent about $55 total for our 2 kids, getting school supplies and a couple pieces of clothing to supplement hand-me-downs and stuff we already have. No new backpacks here this year either!

  5. Did they find care for the girl in Chicago?? I emailed the lady and have not heard back.

  6. Did they find one for the girl in Chicago? I emailed the Laurel and gave he my information. I hope they did.

  7. Thoughts and prayers coming your way! :)

  8. Dave Gutterson in Family Matters, writes quite a good essay about how school and the beginning of the school year has become such a commercial extravaganza. So true. And my pet peeve is teachers who request that families buy $100 worth of supplies, and then we find that they never used half of it.

  9. Hi! I'm a new reader from CT who's a little late to the introduction party. Anyway, my name's Brianna, and even though I don't have a family of my own yet, I've been considering adoption (international or otherwise) for a long time. I absolutely love your blog -your whole family is amazing and so inspiring!

  10. We all have trials. You will be in my prayers. God knows just what you need.

    I never spent anywhere neat $7oo for anyone to go back to school (unless it was my oldest going to college, and even then I'm not sure we spent that much).

  11. Sharing those "trials" is apart of your blog name. Know that your sharing allows us to pray with direction and grow from your wisdom of situations too. Having trials of our own right now - helps to hear others and learn from them.....and to know we aren't alone.

  12. Missed the other posts about intros! My name is Laurel and I stumbled across your blog years ago while doing a research on special needs international adoption for a clinical counseling project. It wasn't the resource I was looking for, but I was really touched and amazed by your family.

    I always admire your warm heart and honesty with the good and the bad!


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