Friday, August 17, 2012

School is Here

The first day of school went well.  Andrew and Jonny wanted to ride the school bus even though I drove Alex and Dennis.  Of course we met up.

Dennis was fine until we parted and he went into his classroom.  Another boy was crying and I am sure that didn't help.  It was so hard leaving him, but I knew in my heart about his bravery and love for school.
He came running in the door from the bus, "Mom, I like my class!"  Certainly made me smile.
And yet a little later he shared with me about three older boys repeatedly calling him monster during lunchtime.  Rather than pretend like he was a monster and growl at them like he did when he was younger and thought they were just playing, these boys' words actually hurt his feelings.
"Mom,"  Dennis told me seriously, "I'm not a monster."
"No Dennis you are not.  You are my precious boy who is loved more by God and us than you can ever imagine."
  Anyone who gets their kicks putting someone else down in order to pick themselves up, is a big coward of a meanie.  It is kids and people like that we should feel sorry for.
But Dennis is strong, and he perseveres.  I talked to the principal, and though he could not actually identify the boys, Dennis had more adult supervision during lunch and recess.  He didn't encounter any problems the second day of school.
Oliver is Super Baby!  This weekend he and Nolan are being dedicated to the Lord.
This is Alex's bag of supplies for school.  Inside there are catheters, gloves, wipes, cleansing spray, extra diapers, and a change of clothes.  Hopefully he won't need to use the diapers, wipes, or change of clothes. :)

Speaking of medical stuff, I took Nolan for his second opinion on his cleft surgery.  The visit went great.  This plastic surgeon was nice and friendly and patiently heard what I had to say.  He was great with Nolan too!  He is not part of the big hospital I don't really like although I had heard that he would have to do the surgery there anyway.  Then I got a big surprise when he told me the actual hospital Nolan would be having his surgery at-- a much smaller, nicer, more upscale one--- very close to our house.
And the surgery is scheduled for this month!  Yay for Nolan!  Then after Nolan heals from the surgery he will be evaluated for speech, occupational therapy, and pre-school.

And guess what?  If you are anything like me, you'll never believe it at first.  Dennis has been eczema free for at least six weeks now!  I'm doing nothing different for him-- he eats everything, he bathes, he plays in the dirt, he gets his clothes washed in Gain, etc.  It really is a miracle!
Or is it the season?  Maybe.
But we'll take it even if it is just for the summer and comes back with the colder weather.  Whatever we can get in terms of relief is a huge blessing!


  1. Oh that so breaks my heart about Dennis. I'm so glad he likes his class. Why do people have to be so mean? :(

    Good news about Nolan's surgery too! :)

    We tried the closer supervision thing.... sadly, it didn't work. I hope it works for Dennis.

  2. Sweet blessings to Dennis in school. Bullies are everywhere in life. Giving him the tools to offset them is important too. You are a busy lady with your plate full, prayers to you all! Great pics of your kiddos!

  3. I have not visited in a LONG while and the kids have grown SOOO much!!!! School already! We start next week!

  4. That picture of Dennis sitting on the floor in his class made me get an immediate pooch mouth. That must have been torture to leave.
    I am glad he was happy coming home!

  5. Christine, I am so glad to hear the the first day of school went well aside from some sadly mean children who disrupted his lunch. You are very blessed that the school listened to your concerns and created a safer space for Dennis during those time when he is likely to be exposed to bullies. I have had many issues with both of my boys being bullied due to their differences, and most of the schools we have tried have only minimally addressed it, if not outright denying that it happens. God bless you and little Dennis, I hope he and all of your children have a great year. Oh, and congrats on the great news about Nolan's surgery and surgeon, it is always wonderful when you can find good doctors for your family.

  6. I am a teacher and my heart breaks for Dennis and for all the other children who get bullied and teased. I am not surprised it happened at lunchtime because bullies wait until theycan isolate the child. I am so sorry. Praying for special friends who will see his heart and love him at school and who will stand up to the bullies and show them what love looks like.

  7. I teach Kindergarten! Send Dennis down to Louisiana and I'll gladly keep him for you. ;) I'm glad the school stepped in so quickly. As a teacher, I know how hard it is to see everything~ especially with the chaos that is the first week after break. Most teachers, in my experience, do everything they can to take care of "their" kids. :) Dennis would probably overdose on attention from me, though. It'd be hard not to be partial toward him. :) Hope all of your kids have a blessed school year! :)

  8. Dear Christine,
    It has been a while since I have visited your (or any) blog. All of your recent updates were wonderful. I am excited for your kids to have started school, but so saddened for you, John, and Dennis that he was teased. I am not surprised, but it still pains me. Your sweet Dennis was God's way of spurring me on to adopt a special needs child. The very first pictures and videos you put on your blog of him captured me! I thought he was stunning then and think so now. I will be praying for you, Dennis, and the kids at school. The Lord will use this! Blessings, Jen

  9. I really hope Dennis doesn't continue to have that ugliness thrown at him. No one should ever have to endure the kind of pain that must cause. I'm glad to hear his 2nd day was better. I bet he ends up becoming pretty popular as kids learn to see him for who he really is and not for anything else.

  10. It's me Lisa Christine,
    this post both made me smile and be sad.
    Dennis is a beautiful little boy and he is so very blessed to have you as his amazing mommy.
    The pictures of your boys are so cute.
    ps love the names of your two littles. My friend just had a baby and named him Oliver
    God bless
    Lisa P

  11. So hurt for your little guy :o( But, glad it was addressed quickly, praying there is no more of it, but unfortunately in this fallen world, there is little hope of that. So glad you are open and explain things to him in a way he can understand and find some comfort. He is a sweet, wonderful blessing from God and I wish mean hearted people could see that.
    So glad you found a surgeon for Nolan and that he will have his surgery this month!! Praying all goes well and for a pain controled, uneventful healing.
    Olive is just a love bug! I could eat him right up, but of course, I'm partial to kids with that "little something extra". He is such a sweet baby and your family seems to be enjoying him. He gets so much "therapy" all the time, just by being in such a busy environment, it's awesome. Praising God for you and John and the love you have for all your children. Praying for provision in all things and strength and endurance to deal with all you have to deal with on a daily basis.

  12. That really breaks my heart. for your precious child. What a wonderful family he came home to.

    I have children with multiple disabilities. who have suffered with bullying. I have really struggled with this as well.

    I do not know why, but I was here a long time ago and I thought you were a homeschooling family as we are. I also thought you were in Florida. Am I mistaken...and confusing you with another multi adoption family? Blessings for a wonderful school year!


  13. If I was going to school with Dennis, I'd probably get expelled for beating up those kids who are the real monsters.


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