Sunday, August 19, 2012

Newport Beach

Our friends invited us to the beach.  John and three-quarters of the kids really wanted to go.  I sort of did, but not really.  Big sigh~~
It really was just one big disappointment for me.  For the longest time I romanticized the whole beach thing.  You know-- Fun in the sun.  Digging for crabs, playing frisbee, splashing in the waves, building sandcastles with the kids, eating watermelon while laying on a blanket on the sand.
But after having a dozen kids, I learned.  The beach experience is more about the packing, chasing the kids with sunscreen, running on the hot sand to the bathroom, keeping the younger kids from being carried away by a wave, and frantically doing a head count every five minutes.  Oh and then there is the long drive home in SoCal traffic and lastly unpacking, washing towels, and rinsing sand out of the tub after bathes which I am still doing today.
The only joy I got from the trip was seeing how happy most of the kids were.  A few just wanted to go home like me.  Oh and our friends that invited us, bless their heart.  They are amazing.  They brought the sandwich fixings and cut-up fruit and put up with me.
The funny thing is, even as I type this I know I will be going again because that is what Moms do.  But hopefully that won't be until next summer!
Until then, here are the beach pictures.
Anna had a blast!
The water was warm.  The weather was great.  Despite the sunscreen, all of us got sunburned. :(
Nolan and Dennis loved being chased by the waves.  Even though I worried about a wave knocking Dennis' prosthetic eye out, their laughter and excitement made me smile.  However I am not sure what the lady next to me thought when she heard me yell, "Be careful!  Don't go under the water or the wave will wash away your eye!"
The riptide was strong that day but there were lots of lifeguards out.  We know because Adam had to have one of them pull him back in where he could stand.  
Nolan saw his big brother and copied what he was doing.  Too funny.
Seaweed is a fascinating thing.  It is the best feeling to have it wrap around your leg while you are in the water.  Not.
Paul really enjoyed himself.  After going to the beach half a dozen times, this is the first time he really got in the water and swam.
All the girls boogie boarded.
Oliver with his Daddy.  We had to hold him most of the time or he would have eaten all of the sand on the beach.
Sveta riding in a wave.
John and I
Alex and Dennis playing in the sand.
Today Nolan and Oliver were dedicated to the Lord.  Oliver slept right through it. :)
Praise the Lord for our two precious little boys!


  1. I sooooo know what you mean about being a mommy at the beach. The beach is one of my least favorite activities since having children. LOL!

    BTW...that is an amazing photo of you and John!!! You should frame it. :)

  2. I LOVE the CA beaches! I truly do, and always have. Though we live over 1,000 miles away, rarely a year goes by that we do not make the trek to the Southern CA beaches. I loved the beach as a young girl . . . as a teen . . . as a young married . . . and especially as a Mama of Many. Yes. It takes work. But, I so love watching ALL of my children enjoying the beach.

    Maybe you could take a babysitter with you, so that you and the older ones can really enjoy yourselves without so much worrying about the young ones. (Or leave the young ones at home with a sitter sometimes, so that you and John can enjoy the beach with the older kids?)


  3. I'm sure that lady beside you was shocked at your comment. "Don't go underwater or your eye may wash away". LOL! Love it! I'm sure she was telling all her friends that story today. HA! Don't you love having a unique family?! I sure do (well, most times!) :)

  4. I grew up in Redondo Beach and my Mom would take us to the beach almost everyday during the summer. What a saint she was lol. The beach is lots of work!!!! I totally feel the same way you do about it :)

  5. You and I share many of the same feeling about beaches. :) It seems like such an awesome thing to do, but then there's all that sand....everywhere! I'm glad "most" of the kids had fun and hopefully you'll get a long break before the next beach trip. I love all the pics.

  6. Well, you may not have enjoyed it, but it looks like it was worth it for the kids! :) They may not fully appreciate it right now, but they will when they are parents!

  7. Seriously, when it's the ocean all my little ones have to have life jackets on or they can't go out past their knees. They argue, but that's just the way it is for us. There are few second chances with the ocean. Thankfully we are only about 40 minutes away from a good beach. And my rule is, if you want it, you have to carry it!

  8. Oh I so get this post !! I do enjoy watching the kids having fun but, the head counting, bathroom runs and ALL the work after is not so much fun !One thing I do when we get back fromthe beach is send all the kids in the pool so there is not so much sand that gets tracked in .

  9. The pictures are great! I love the two with John and Oliver and you and John. John always seems like a loving involved dad, he looks like he really enjoys all his kids, that's terrific.
    Your comment about Dennis's eye made me smile, picturing the lady next to you...haha.
    I feel like "field trips" of any kind are a lot of work, I can't imagine with all of your troup!!! At least many of them are older and should be able to care for their own needs.
    I'm glad most everyone had a good time, but I bet you were exhausted, just from trying to keep track of everyone!
    Hopefully they'll settle for the pool for the rest of the year ;o)

  10. Hi!Going to the beach is a lot of world for the parents by fun for the children.In Erie we have many beaches and there are many fun summer activites that are scheduled by the beaches. Keep having fun in the sun. Pat

  11. How true! Our role as parents is more about making memories for the kids rather than enjoying something all for ourselves. ;) They will look back on these days as the happiest of their childhood and we will know we did the right thing.
    So can I come steal you away for some adult time later this month?

  12. I think camping is the same - I have such fond memories of going as a kid, but not till I thought about actually going did it hit me how much work it is! Packing, cooking, cleaning up, sleeping, everything. I don't know how or why my parents did it :)

  13. The singing Lennon Sisters write about their family trips to the beach in their joint autobiography - there were eleven kids in their Venice, CA family, and they lugged LOTS of stuff to the beach, which was just a few blocks from their childhood home. Their dad always hosed the kids off in the yard once home, before entering the house - got rid of lots of sand that way! Might this help the sandy bathtub situation? ;-)

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE


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