Monday, August 27, 2012

It Helps To Wait

When it rains it pours.  Our garage door stopped working just a few days after our small garage door cables broke.  Then one of our cars needed a big repair.  Then I came home to find that two of my boys broke our pencil sharpener-- the third one in less than a year.  And these are supposedly the heavy duty kind that cost $50 on sale!.  Had I sat down to write this post a few hours ago, my list would have been a lot longer.  Oh yea, and our printer stopped working right when we needed it most-- the beginning of the school year.  Three printers now occupy our trash can till Friday morning.  Needless to say I was having a mini pity party as I tried to help Dennis and Alex with their homework.  I can't believe what the school already have the boys doing.  One page of their homework was unscrambling sentences.  I think I wasted 1 hour of our life.

Oh and then there is the news that two of my boys who go to public school have been taught to play Bloody Mary.  Not happy about that.  All I have to say is what a stupid game.

On a happier note, Nolan is 100% better.  Oliver is noticeably moving from here to there doing the army crawl.  My son Adam has morphed into this super helpful son of mine that I still can't think of what I've done to deserve him.  Caleb pumped gas for the first time with me.  And Galina got an A on her Wordly Wise test last Friday.

William tried some of my coffee this morning because it had some creamer in it that I had splurged on for the birthday party.  He liked it and I threw out, "Hey maybe it will make you behave better."  :) Then I forgot about it.  Just a while ago, William came to me exclaiming that after drinking the coffee (it was two sips BTW) he had zero urge to bug Paul.  Could it be?  He even peeled 30 potatoes for dinner without complaining.

Life is definitely hectic around here.  The dogs barking at night don't help my beauty sleep either-- LOL.  Out of sheer busyness and an upset stomach I canceled my dentist appointment for the 4th time in a row.  But home school is going well.  And the garage doors are fixed.  And John bought a printer that was the last of its kind in a damaged box for $50 out the door.  And it works great! And I know what two of my boys are getting for their birthdays making my life a whole lot easier.  :)

Hope your week is going well.


  1. Oy! That is rough!
    Aren't there are electronic recyclers for things like printers? There's what I would call a Science Question!!

    Let me know if you learn the answer, as I have a old one or 2 stuffed in a closet nearby, used and broken for years.

    Take those sentences and cut up the pieces- then let them move the words around until they are correct. Really! What grade are they in??!! That is too much!

    Hang in there with the sleep issue!


  2. Tell me about it , the same week I had to buy school books, uniforms etc, my washing machine broke down.....Sigh...

    Glad everything worked out though!

    And just a clue but I think MAYBE your parenting has something to do with Adam....just maybe....; )

    HUgs Gina

  3. I have a laser printer at my office and I would never, now, have any other kind. To begin with, it is trouble-free, and add to that, though the initial cost is significantly high, overall the cost is less because you don't need to buy toner all the time - only once a year for me and I use it for church stuff (large classrooms sets of things) ALL the time. Furthermore you can copy in gorgeous color. Now I see those ink-jet printers as nothing but a rip-off.

    I'd keep that coffee and creamer around! Magic juice.

  4. You made me feel SO much more sane We have the broken garage door, the computer that just died, home school starting in two weeks (right after our daughter's bilateral leg amputation surgery next week, Sept. 4th...deep breath), and I have NO clue how many appointments we've had to cancel for some reason or another. Hugs and thank you for the encouragement this morning.

  5. Hi Christine,

    Yes, coffee may help WIlliam. It is a stimulant and stimulants are used as meds for ADHD. It can certainly have helped William with impulsivity. Two sips? Who knows? But it is worth a trial. No real downside at his age.


  6. Yes, everything ALWAYS breaks at once, especially when there are children around.

    In the first decade of homeschooling, we went through EVERY pencil sharpener we could find on the market, then gave up. Never did find one that worked well and didn't grind the pencils evenly. So, I went back to cheap pencils with little hand sharpeners.

    Of course, there's always that dilemna of finding enough pencils for every student, even though you bought them their own and their own container to put them in...

    Pretty sure in my mansion in heaven I will have a desk with ALL my supplies right where they need to be. :)

    Have a blessed school year!

  7. Life is busy!!!! We need a new pencil sharpener too. :)

    The answer to the coffee thing... An ASTOUNDING YES! Coffee is s stimulant. For kids who have control issues, hyperactivity, add etc.... it works like ritalin, but is MUCH SAFER!
    1/4 cup of coffee is all that is needed....They can even drink it before bedtime and it will put them to sleep. :)

  8. Right there with you on what school is sending home for homework. I have 4 step-kids with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) and I understand the waste of time doing homework that is over their heads. You can't tell me it is beneficial for a girl who can barely complete a 3rd grade math curriculum to be doing 7th grade math homework on a regular basis. Thankfully its review stuff right now so she can sort of keep up but I am afraid of what the rest of the year is going to be like. I am thankful for the younger daughter's teacher this year as she is very understanding of the IEP and does not make her make up the class work she misses during her one on one time! I am seriously thinking about researching how an IEP works in a home school type situation cause I think I'd be better off just teaching it the first time.

  9. Interesting about the coffee! SOunds like there are ups and downs. Right now we are flooded but I don't think we'll have damage unless it seeped into the sheds.

  10. I have seen anecdotal reports, mainly in chat rooms in the past few years that caffeine seems to help many children with mood or adhd problems.
    You can google it.

    When you think of it, doctors often prescribe Ritalin which is basically speed/amphetamines for children with these problems. It tends to work the opposite in children then with adults.

    If you can’t find anything under caffeine-child-mood-ADHD
    Try Mountain Dew and ADHD. Of all the sodas Mountain Dew has the most caffeine.
    Many college students and comuputer neerds swear by Mountain Dew for aiding concentration- but again anecdotal reports.

  11. I think I'd keep giving him a few sips of coffee, even if it's just a placebo effect. :)

    But I *do* have a friend who lets her 6 year old have a little coffee and almond milk in the morning and it actually does help with his adhd.

    Thanks for sharing your smiles & trials!

  12. Seasons like this are so hard aren't they?! But they do develop perseverance and character. In the midst we don't see the rewards, or Gods hand in it all. Continue focusing on Him and the difference you are making! We had awesome hand sharpeners. Look at I Thot I saw one on their website. I loved getting mechanical ones on sale at the start of school too. I agree with the other comments about the coffee too.

  13. If it makes you feel any better, sentence unscrambling has been empirically proven to help teach kids grammar and sentence construction. So at least their teacher is aware of the research on reading!!!

  14. I say the best kind of pencil sharpener is the good old fashioned kind, the kind with the crank that we used in school as kids. We have had ours since our boys were very small, and it still works the same as it did when it was brand new! :)

  15. I agree that the old fashion crank style sharpener is probably the best to have. Have John mount one somewhere in the garage.

  16. jUST 3 WORDS for you: You Are Amazing. I mean it. You may not feel it and I know you manage b/c of the power of Christ at work in you but still, You truly ARE amazing.

  17. Your week sounds like organized chaos; God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

  18. Hi!It is important to find a good pencil sharper.I have not been able to find any that really lasts.I am thinking about contacting the local school district to see what they use.Pat

  19. Praying for "all things moveable and electronic" in your house! Satan knows it's the little things that wears us down! Good to see you friend. Thanks for putting aside some time for me!


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