Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finding Time

It has been a long day.

Woke up early to three certain little boys yelling goofing around and running down the hall.  You better believe I marched them back to their room and told them to play quietly in their beds for another half hour.  I repeated this fifteen minutes later, and attempted a third time just so I could get a few more seconds of shut eye.  Hmm-- does sleeping with one eye open and one eye shut really count?

Took a couple of the girls shopping with me and ran into our friends (Caleb's girlfriend's family) who we were getting together with tonight.  Small world.  Then we ran into Alex's old teacher from last year.  She has  five children with DS that she has adopted.  It was wonderful getting to talk with her.  If all goes well we will get together for a little while after church tomorrow.

Only after lunch was finished and I had a chance to scrape the peanut butter off the knifes and clean the lid, and the little ones were down for a nap could I sit and put my feet up for a while.  Why does it feel so bad admitting that I am tired?  Looking back at the week I would have to say it has been one of my busiest.   So many things to do before the kids go back to school.  Let's just say that my kids aren't the only ones looking forward to going back to school.  From socks, to brown paper bags, to clean teeth, to a full tank of gas for Adam and Caleb, to juice boxes and bus passes-- the kids are ready to start the new school year.

It is amazing how fast this summer flew by.  As I was teaching Paul how to fill up and drain the kitchen sink with the metal drain catcher, I can't believe how far the kids have come-- all of them.  Today marks the sixth year that Annalyn has been with us.  She reminded John and I with pride.  Anna and Sveta have been with us nearly seven years.  Rachel five, Dennis four, Alex three, Anastasia and Paul two, Galina a year and a half, and Nolan and Oliver just over a month.

Dennis and Alex are now fixing their own beds every morning and picking up their toys.  Nolan still cries when asked to pick up toys but he does it.  Yes, I have to remind them most days, but it works out perfectly by giving them something to do when I send them back to their rooms to play quietly in the morning.  William, Andrew, and even Jonny are in or just beginning the "pimple stage."  They asked Paul why he doesn't have even one pimple.  "Because I am from Ukraine,"  he answered matter of factly.  Besides being a really cute answer, he actually has his brothers half way convinced that being from Ukraine is the reason his face is flawless.   Sadly, the pits in Paul's adult teeth before we adopted him more than make up for his lack of pimples.  He will most likely need crowns on his front teeth when he gets older (after braces) because of the chipping enamel.  Thankfully the teeth he has lost and the new ones that have grown in after we adopted him have come in normal.  The dentist says it probably has a lot to do with his diet.  Regardless, I think his smile is gorgeous.

I finally took new pictures of all the kids and even had them printed up at Costco.  They sit here on my desk as I type.  Now if I could only find time to get them up on the wall.   Cute little Nolan looks at the kids' pictures everyday searching for his picture.  I can't wait to surprise him!

As I close I was wondering if any of you have watched "Our Yard Went Disney?"  I watched an episode online and all I can say is, "I am sooooo jealous!"   I dream of big trees canopying our back yard with zip lines connecting them and ponds with fish and frogs and a little bridge going across.


  1. I've never seen (or even heard of) that show, but now I need to look it up. ;)

    Amazing to read how many years each child has been with you, knowing how much each of them has grown and changed in that time!

  2. Never heard of that show, but sounds amazing... I wish Extreme Makeover would come make our own backyard a fun place for my kiddos. :)

    And I'd be surprised if you were NOT tired. It sounds like the last decade has been busy for you! I know when I had our two Ukes home a month my head was still spinning and my bags (packed, mind you) were still sitting un-touched on the dining room floor. I certainly wasn't blogging (or schooling, for that matter.) Thank God for giving us grace and being strength in our weakness, eh? :)

  3. Hi!I have watched that show it is wonderful how a regular backyard can become a child's paradise. Pat

  4. Christine you should totally apply for the Disney Yard show. The producers would love your family and what a great way to share your adoption stories with A LOT of people.

  5. Ah, isn't it unfair how some people have perfect teeth or perfect skin? I got pretty lucky with both. Dentists have exclaimed at my teeth and said, "You grew up with good water!" So, that must make a difference, too. All of my Russian children have good skin, I realize, no matter how they eat.

  6. I'm glad I haven't seen the show. I'm thinking it would make me want more too.


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