Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Swimming

The other night we had ice-cream. It was extra special because I splurged on Haagen Dazs ice-cream bars. The younger boys were reaching before I had even opened the box. Rather than pass them out right away, I had some fun with them. I lifted the box above my and started walking around humming a tune. "I'm the ice-cream truck and if you want an ice-cream bar you will have to give me fifty cents." Some thought I was joking, but Adam played along and went and got his money. He gave it to me and I gave him his bar. The kids quickly ran up to get their change. Of course I told them I was only kidding but it was fun while it lasted.  Yes, I am a bit nutty.
I was cooking pork tenderloin for dinner two nights ago and I added a cup of cool water to the class pan so it wouldn't dry out.  The glass dish immediately shattered.  Let's just say we all learned a lesson.
Yesterday we went to the pool with some friends for the evening.  We took food, drinks, and even ordered pizza to eat poolside.  As we were swimming in the bigger of the two pools we saw the security guard fish out something brown.  "This pool is closed for the rest of the evening."  Thankfully there was the other pool for us to swim in.

Nolan has really warmed up to me in the last week.  He is actually following me around now and once or twice he has come and sit on my lap without my prompting.  

Here is fun, short video of our family.


  1. I love the little background picture you captured of the oldest and youngest boys - both blondies. That is so sweet. You have lovely children.

  2. I love it! Seriously, how many other families are there out there who can stop that many water jets at once? :)

  3. Hi!At the local ymca pool there are not any water jets but it looked fun.I did get out the water sprinker for my children once the water usage ban was lifted in the city. Pat


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