Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Oh my. . . Dennis is such a ham.  He loves the camera, he loves to sing, and he loves to talk. Actually he just loves life!   Here is proof.


  1. Hes so cute and you're right...such a ham! :) I find it amazing how far Dennis has come in speech in such a few short years. Fantastic!!!

  2. Hi!Dennis is so cute he is so lucky to have gotten out of the Ukraine in the Ukraine he would not be a cute little ham enjoying life he would have been fighting just to stay a live. He kept talking about his mom and dad I really believe he understands that you saved his life. Blessing Pat

  3. That was fun. :)
    Anthony came right over, abandoned his potato chips (rare), and started talking back to Dennis.

  4. That is truly adorable! What I want to know is when did he get so tall??????? Where is that little boy? It is hard to believe he is the same little soul you brought home not that many years ago. What an amazing family is all I have to say!! I love reading your blog Christine :-)

    Marilyn from Canada


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